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Going to end the month with pizza & beer

September 30, 2011

Something has started.
Maybe this spark will burn bright & light the way to real change

September 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

We fully support this.
And we are going to join the heroic who are taking a stand:


We are the 99% and if you are reading this, so are you:



Join in this weekend:

Pics from the streets....

Something to lighten the mood

I hope there are no typos in the headline todayy.....D'Oh!

September 28, 2011

I know, I know.......

Yes, I made a typo in yesterday's headline:

I am not perfect and neither is this website.
Op X is always on me for my grammar and spelling.
It's just hard to use spell check because I can't read or write.


Occupy Wall Street

There is enough coverage now in the media, so I am not going to get into the
How's & Why's.
Check out the movement's site here.

Here are 3 things about the Protest I think you should see

Dr. Cornel West:

Police Brutality at the Protest:

As you read this, know, you are part of the 99% that doesn't control the wealth in this country:'s "You might be a geek if...."

#29: You might be a geek if you notice what's wrong with this picture:

Yes, Olivia Munn is one of the hottest nerd girls on the planet.
But did you notice what’s wrong with this picture?
She is holding a Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker lightsaber hilt with a red blade.

This tastes meme-tastic!

Fucking magnets, how do they work?

September 27, 2011

Download the track here for free.

And while we are on the subject, let's give it up for cool BSG shirts:

Let's play Around the Horn...

We've got all sorts of stuff for you....

~From Johnny Cobra~

40 Rare Behind the Scenes Photos from Star Wars

"I watched this video twice and never saw Demi Moore or Courtney Cox.....Wow!"


~From The Roman~

This is what you call breakfast:


~From Operative X~

"I have a new song, it's called Pat Boone can suck a..."

Too Little, Too Late?

Will the Dems actually hold on to a message for once, and finally stand up?

"I think he’s wrong – the GOP debate audience is scarily descriptive of exactly who they are"

Interesting perspective on the GOP’s chances:


~From nosajmunson (me)~

This one is going out to my hommies The Roman & Operative X:

And just in case you are a Juggalo & don't know how magnets work, I've got a book for you:

Moving on, here is the newest trailer for:

Another GOP-ism:

I forgot to mention it yesterday, The Browns won.....AGAIN!'s "You know you're a geek if..." #47:
Your eyes water every time you see Spock’s funeral scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.

Children's shows are getting weird:

Animated *.gif's of the day:


OK, that was weird but now we're back in the club 

September 26, 2011


Well, since my last post, I've seen 2 amazing and very different shows.


Last night I took my daughter to see her very first concert, Low playing at Armstrong Hall.
I have been a fan for a long time and she has shown a lot of interest in their music,
So I figured why not.
It was an Amazing concert.
We got to meet Alan Sparhawk as we walked in.
We had great seats down front and it wasn't overly crowded.
Low played their hearts out and they played an incredible set.
And after the show I got to speak with Alan & Mimi. Alan even gave me their set list.
We enjoyed it so much, we've made a new page dedicated to that concert.
Click the pic to check it out:


mc chris live at The Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado on 9/20/2011

Agent OlmTreeHomeSted and myself went to see mc chris in Denver at the Marquis Theater.
The show was badass.
All of the opening acts (Adam Warock, Mega Ran, MC Lars) were awesome.
But mc chris ruled the mic.
He played a lot of stuff of the new album and a bunch of mc chris classics.
The costume contest was awesome, although OlmTreeHomeSted and I decided not to participate
after we saw the "magnitude" of the other folks costumes.
But I have to admit, OlmTreeHomeSted's "Hipster Vader" was awesome.
All and all, a really fun show.
We have made a new page dedicated to mc chris concerts.
Click this pic to check it out and to see pics & videos from this year's show:

Here is OlmTreeHomeSted as "Hipster Vader":

The Best News I've Heard All Day:

The John Dies At The End Teaser Trailer has been released!
Click the pic to watch & read more about it....'s GOP-isms

The Doctor Who Season Finale is this Saturday, October 1st.

And damn, does it look good.
It's called "The Wedding of River Song".

If you haven't been watching, don't worry.
BBC America is running an all day Marathon on Saturday of Series 6 so you can catch up.

It's on like Donkey Kong smoking a bong playing Pong!

September 20, 2011


We'll take some pics and post them tomorrow.

Attack of the Random

No matter what else happens,
we've got that penis situation taken care of.

September 19, 2011

mc chris tomorrow night in Denver!
We are going. Are you?

Ol' Uncle Al is at it again....

(Click the pic above to read the full article from Metal hammer)

Come on Al.
I ranted about this back in May.
Basically, you've become the Brett Farve of Music.
A new Ministry album, the long talked about Buck Satan album and a tour.
All this after you retired....again.
I'm not going to rant anymore here as I did my share on Facebook & tumblr.
Click the pic below to read my tumblr post:

If the new album "Relapse" rocks, then I may go see you Al.
But if it sounds like "The Last Sucker", have fun at the Denver gig without me.

Let's Play Around the horn.....

From Bad Mojo:

Star Wars shirt on Woot Today:

From Operative X:

Hide your toes ladies of Arkansas because there is a toe sucking bandit on the loose:

Sperm banks are turning down Redheads because........

"The fact that they are for real is what makes me wish this was fiction...‏"

From Darth Tom aka Mr. Cleveland from Philly

"Best Breakfast Ever. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to get down on your knees & pray!"

From The Roman

Star Wars - The Silent Movie:

From Agent Mulder

Weirdest article ever:


HOLY FUCK...Click the pic to read what happened:

Give it up for The Browns!

Here are some Meme's I made this past weekend:

Here's some funny pics/memes I found:

Clown Update.....

I know I promised a Clown Joke page update recently.
It is not done yet, but fear not, it is coming.
There will be a ton of new Clown Pics and A Few New Jokes.
Just relax, think of balloon animals while you wait:

Animated *.gif of the Day:

It's "time to take some time off" time

September 14, 2011

We will be taking a few days off to attend to some stuff.

In the interim, go check out our tumblr account.
We post stuff there several times a day & some of those posts are almost cool.

This is a day that will be long remembered.

It has seen the hacked photos from Scarlett Johansson cares what else!

Click here as well in case the link above gets pulled


Oh, and while on the topic, check out our favorite redhead:

Have we not learned: Texas Governors make for really shitty Presidents.

In response to the overwhelming applause for Executions at the Republican/Tea Party Debate on Monday 9/12/2011,
Rick Perry has announced some new laws that will help speed up Executions in Texas
and therefore increase his popularity with the Republican Base:

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann has released her new book "Core of Conviction".
She is just not sure about the title. Here are 13 alternative titles for her book:

To celebrate, Marcus Bachmann the (NOT)Gay husband of Michele Bachmann got a tattoo:


Hipster Superman:

 From Agent OlmTreeHomeSted
(He's on a roll today!):

I'm in love with the big blue planet:

How very Christian of them:

Now this is cosplay:

I love The Fall, grey skies and all

September 13, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the American Version

I was on the fence about this movie.
While I enjoyed the book trilogy & I really enjoyed the Swedish films,
I was worried that this would just be another American rip-off made for money.
David "Fight Club" Fincher is directing and the music is by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross.
After seeing this trailer, I think the outlook on this movie just went from "Meh" to "Must See".

Did you like the music in the trailer?
Trent Reznor with Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
doing a cover of Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song":

Dumb Fucks & Their Trucks

Check out this vile bigot-mobile:

Wow, is this Michele Bachmann's weekend getaway camper?:

I think the real Tony Montana would chop this guy up:

I'd wouldn't let my kids within 10 miles of this one:

His wife must be so proud:

Proud to be Merican, the only country with Mud, Country Music & God:

This minivan wants to love you....for your organs:

One of my Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes:
The Monsters are due on Maple Street

Feels like I woke up already a mile behind the 8ball today.

September 12, 2011

I loved the True Blood Season 4 Finale last night.
(Spoilers Ahead)

I think that this season has been my least favortie.
But the season finale did seem to redeem some of the shitty parts of this season.
I think Pam had the best quote of the episode:

I was shocked about what happened to Jesus, but not really surprised.
Plus he had the second best quote of the Episode:

What happened with Sookie & Deb, I saw coming a mile away.
But what happened to Tara really did surprise me:

Hottest moment of the Episode?
Jessica as Red Riding Hood with Jason Stackhouse:

Bill & Eric seem like good buddies now and that's weird.
But they get results when they work together:

Check out's review of the Season Finale here:

Memes & links, Memes & links, gotta have me my Memes & links

We just hit our 1,000th post on Tumblr: has a new article worth reading:

This video is awesome, if you think the Watchmen would be better with My Little Pony:

I'm really digging this site lately. Not even so much the music as the concept:

We love ourself

“The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense, whereas reality never makes sense.”
– Aldous Huxley

September 11, 2011

HAPPY 9/10/11

September 10, 2011

Around the Horn

There are evil people in this world that take advantage of the mentally disabled.
I have no mercy for those evil people.
Mike Meyer from St. Louis has been victimized by one of these said evil persons.
But there is a bright spot with people on Facebook & Tumblr pulling together to help Mike out!
Please read this story and check out the Event Page on Facebook to get info on how to help out too.

What the Fuck just doesn't cover this one.

From the Onion:

Art of the Day:

Bad Tattoo of the Week, thanks to J.Williams for the Caption!

peacock hate:

Animated *.gif of the day:



Another day older and deeper in debt....

September 9, 2011

Chow Yun-Fat is a Bad Ass. You'd do well to remember that.

Some of my favorites....

...just to name a few.

Did you catch the President's speech last night? Someone did....sort of.

It's my Birthday and I'll post what I want to...

September 8, 2011

 < - - - - - >

I am the thorn in your eye

September 7, 2011

Attack of the Random

Some even have linked treats. Clicky click to find out.

Head full of noise, I can't think cuz it's crushing

September 6, 2011

Mobile Suit Carriers

Maybe it's just me but........
Everytime I see one of these trucks on the highway, I always think it's carrying a Gundam .
Why else would they name the company M.S. (Mobile Suit) Carriers

The Battle of Crested Butte 2011

From NPR, What's In Store: 3 Tales Of A Terrifying Future

Good article about 3 great books about the future.

Everything about Aquaman sucks, even his ride:

On Tumblr, this is our biggest meme yet

I posted this on Sunday and it exploded!

Speaking of Meme's ....

Our Bettie Page has been updated

Bill Hicks Wisdom

Celebrate Labor Day with Hot Air Balloons & Star Wars

September 5, 2011

Let's take a moment to thank Unions & what they have done for the working class:

We spent our morning chasing hot air balloons

(We got the help land & put away the Marvin the Martian Balloon, very cool!)

We spent our afternoon watching Star Wars

Bet you've never seen this scene before. This is NOT from the Blu-Ray.
Click the pic to check out a really bad-ass site before the Blu-Ray release fucks it all up:





Happy Apples and Hot Air Balloons

September 4, 2011

Pictures from our day:

Only 1 Episode of True Blood left this season.....

It's gonna be a Cigarettes, Mountain Dew & Pop Tarts kind of day

September 3, 2011

Friends, Fans, Follwers and Cool Websites

These are all people & sites you should check out.

Star Wars Hate and Love


Agent OlmTreeHomeSted Found this article about Old Crazy George
back in the days before he started fucking up Star Wars:


This one goes out to The Roman:


Not so Much

Nothing gets the heart pumping like a good scary movie

September 2, 2011

Movie Binge

I have been on a big movie binge the past few weeks.
Here's some highlights....

First and foremost, Bereavement with Michael Biehn is out on DVD & On Demand.
This is a good horror movie.
Alexandra Daddario is beautiful and does a pretty good job, when she is not screaming.

Michael Biehn is cool as her Protective Uncle.
Bottom Line, see this if you like good shocking horror movies.

I watched Grave Encounters.
It is worth a watch. It takes a bit to get going.
It uses a lot of cheap tricks, but ultimatley, it's good.
Certainly one of the better "Documentary" horror flicks.

Ghost From The Machine:

It's pretty good.
Not as creepy as they make it out to be.
It's more about obsession and not being able to let go of the ones we love.
It is low budget, but not in a bad way.
It reminds me a lot of Primer.

True Grit
I don't know what the big deal was.
I thought this was so so at best:

Sucker Punch
One Word: Meh

Predictable and cliche.
But there are some good moments visually.
Worth a watch, but that's it.

I've got a bunch more on the way.
The Binge contiunes......

Friday's Picture Pages

The hot months are finally over, let the cold months begin!

September 1, 2011

Song of the Day:

Politics, style:

From Operative X:

From nosajmunson


We here at, love Clowns.
There is nothing a Clown can do that isn't funny.
Because of that, I am gald I was not an EMT that responded to this call:

We'll have some more Clown funnies for you in the next day or two.
In the meantime, enjoy these highly funny and sometimes disturbing Clown pictures:



Maybe it's just me, but I think these eyes look like peacocks feathers.
Maybe I am starting to see peacocks everywhere?