The Tasty HomePage Archive for November 2011


As another November ends, what have we learned?

Pepper Spray & Pizza have become vegetables,
Money is worshiped more than Jesus and
Black Friday is a Holy Day that can get you killed
What a month.

November 30, 2011

Video of the Day:


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Christmas in America:

Favorite Meme of the Month:

Dead Superhero Parent Jokes RULE!
(From the M.E. of Illinois)


I need to OD on my iPod

November 29, 2011

Click this pic to watch the Original Live version of this EPIC song:

I don't want this, I NEED THIS:

Speaking of Scott Ian, he is the reason I have a chin beard.
I only hope that one day my whiskers will be half as badass as his:

On the subject of music, check out Operative X's new blog entry from today to see what his
iPod was throwing at him:

Blah (nerds) Blah (boobs) Blah

Tarantino announces he is directing a new movie. Click the pic to read more:

Give it up for a Colorado Springs Legend,
The Peaks & Pasties very own Whiskey Darling!

Here is my new alert ringtone for texts on my cell phone, click to listen or download:

Looks like Disney is taking TRON 3 in a new direction:

I fucking hate XMAS music:

"As Egyptians risk their lives for new government,
Americans bravely do the same for new flat screens."

November 28, 2011

Song of the Day:

OK, this Black Friday shit has gotten out of control

I'm not going to rant about the violence that took place over the weekend, just read about it yourself.
Click the pics to read:

Here is a whole series of reports on shopping violence including customers pepper spraying other customers,
from our favorite blog underthemountainbunker:

Shopping in America now looks like an Episode of The Walking Dead:


Speaking of consumers, Operative X and I did our part this past weekend
with our local Occupy peeps.
We attended both the "Occupy Black Friday" demonstration and the "Shop Local or Buy Nothing" Saturday rally.

We have been way too preachy as of late, so let's get back to the good stuff

Here is your MUST WATCH video of the day:


Here is a great photo project from Aaron B. Heimlich: SHEDIM


Fuck Frank Miller.
It's not that he is against the Occupy Movement,
it's the fact that he is a raging piece of shit and a borderline racist.


Here we go again....


From Agent Mulder

"So, an Amish man named Mullet is accused of shaving off beards...
the only way this could be better is if he actually gave them mullets"


From Captain Robert at Starfleet Command:

What will Japan think of next

Let's get our Nerd on, shall we?

How about a good old fashioned (blank) VS. (blank) session....

Ever wonder what "The Ring" says in LOTR:


What is wrong with this picture?

I've been on a Silent Hill kick as of late....

Hee Hee

Wow, I don't know how you could improve on the original:

Today is Black (Metal) Friday

November 25, 2011

Today is the day we are told to shop



The Se7en Deadly Sins of the Internet


Happy Tanksgibbins

November 24, 2011

"The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds.
The pessimist fears it is true."
-J. Robert Oppenheimer

November 23, 2011

Around the Horn

From Operative X

OWS and The President:

"Why I love ?uestLove, and Roots (if not the Jimmy Fallon show, which is somewhat lame)"


From Agent Mulder

Real - Life 'Predator'
Ventura character inspires soldier's Afghan battlefield innovation:

The Gipper's zipper
Star's tell-all: Reagan wooed me with burger, showed off in the sack


From Captain Robert at Starfleet Command

7FT Gundam - The Ultimate Papercraft‏


From OlmTreeHomeSted

Here is a copy of the email OTHS sent to Obama on the 21st:

Attack of the "This is gonna piss somebody off" Random

Oh MC, won't you rock with me, One Time!

November 20, 2011

I've got some tasty Occupy Meme's below, but before we get to that.....

Here is your daily dose of style funny....

We <3 Patrick Bateman:


I used to really like Tina Fey until I saw this picutre.
She dressed up her child like a Peacock!
This is borderline child abuse.
Oh Tina, we could have been such friends too.......


Dollar, Dollar Bill y'all

I got nothing but 5's and 10's:

State of FEAR:





This is how we like our Anne Hathaway.
Smoking, Hot and Dirty

And NOT like this:



Wanna know why I know the Occupy Movement is the right thing to do?

Because of people like this.

This picture was taken by T. Miles at the Occupy Colorado Springs Protest on 11/17/2011.
Not only are they stupid but they are racist too.
It's nice to live in a town were people like this show up and reaffirm my beliefs that we are doing the right thing.
When dumbasses like this get mad at you for your beliefs, then you know what you are doing is good & just. 

Here's some meme-tastic Occupy Stuff, copy them and spread them like the Plague:

November 19, 2015

Ideas are Bullet Proof and can not be Evicted

November 16-18

The events of the past few days have been equally horrific and amazing

At 1:10am EST, the NYPD raid the Occupy Wall Street site.
They used harsh and arguably illegal tactics to contain and remove the protesters.
The NYPD then trashed everything at the Occupy Site, including over 5,000 books at the OWS Library.
Across the nation, other cities followed suit.
By the end of the 16th, it was learned that the cities were acting together on the advise of the FBI & Homeland Security.

Sadly, the Police used brutal tactics across the nation in their efforts to remove the Occupiers.
Here is a Protester from OWS in New York:

Here are pics from Occupy Seattle:

What the Police didn't realize is that their brutal tactics galvanized the Occupy Movement.
By the end of the 17th, the Occupy Movement became stronger than it ever has been.
I'm sure this was not the desired outcome Mayor Bloomberg and the other Mayors wanted.

We are not going into all of the details.
We recommend you check out Under The Mountain Bunker's site and their Tumblr site
as they have been posting up to the minute info. 

Click this pic to watch Keith Olberman's Special Comment on Mayor Bloomberg.

Here are some choice pictures we wanted to share with everyone
from the events of the past few days....



And now back to our normal offensive, vulgar and immature goodness.

This is sure to offend someone, but it made me laugh so fuck you:

Check out my new toy:

Coach McGuirk is a Fucking White Knight Jedi Master compared to
that ginger piece of rotting dog shit McQueary and his old boss Joe “look the other way” Paterno.

These next two are for Katrina!

We could use our powers for good?


November 15, 2011

Stuff I think you should know

First up, I think this is fucked.
Yes, the Catholic Church is officially FUBAR'd and evil:


And in other news, it seems a ton of parents are mad that Sasha Grey read a book to their kids.
I personally don't see what the big deal is. So what if she was a XXX Star.
She wasn't reading the kids a dirty book.
Nor was she there to tell the kids about the sweet life of an adult film star.
People have become big prudes.
In theory, they had sex in order to have their kids, right?
Well, Ms. Grey has just had more practice and is better at it.
Lighten up people!

(We are on your side Sasha. Keep up the good work you are doing with kids
and all of your education-focused initiatives!)


Speaking of ditry movies, check this out:


What the Frak is going on?
This is dangerous shit.
Why aren't more State & Federal officials looking into this more.
At least we have Diana DeGette on our side:


This has so much WIN, I don't know where to begin.
Just click the pic to watch him go.

Funny Pictures

This Jesus pic is from RyCon and it's called
"If Jesus can do a 360 Kick-flip on that board, it would be a miracle?"

Hey NASA, I got a letter here from Plutto for you:

This is for real, no photoshop bullshit.
Behold, BATBEAR:

When you see someone sleeping in class or at work, you ever wonder what they are dreaming about?

Revenge is a dish best served slightly warm:

This is so anti-EPIC, I don't know where to being.
Boba Fett teams up with My Little Pony in Rainbow Brite land to hunt down the Smurfs?

One day, Cats will rise up and conquer ALL of the internet.

Time off is nice, but let's get back to work

November 14, 2011

An Occupy Update

The Occupy movement is continuing to grow and change shape.
Some of the changes are a little out there.
There are those that want to channel positive energy via enlightenment circles
or talk about the evils of CERN.
While I fully support their right to discuss or take part in such things,
I personally do not believe this or think it will help bring about any change.
But that is the beauty of the Occupy Movement.
Many different ideas brought together for a common set of goals.
As Anonymous puts it:
United as One, Divided by Zero

Our focus here at is still on Wall Street & anyone who wants to hurt the 99% in favor of the 1%


Regardless, the POLICE VIOLENCE has got to stop.
What happened this weekend in Denver is inexcusable.
Governor Hickenlooper, how can you allow this to go on?
The Police are literally trampling all over people & their 1st Amendment rights.
Make not mistake Governor, we will NOT forget this come election time.
And we will make sure no one else does either.
Take a good look at this picture of the Police dressing up in full riot gear
and tell me the Cops are just there to keep the peace:

Click this pic to go to the source:


Now, on a positive note...

Over the weekend we met some new allies:

We updated our links page. Check it out:

And now onto other things...

Operative X on assignment in New Orleans:

Batman Hates Twilight Too:

Real women have curves & don't starve themselves so they look like some ad campaign's idea of sexy

Obama has recommended a change to the leadership at NASA

This is how we feel about all versions of Internet Explorer:

Let's Check in on those zany 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates

Here is what Obama's plan is for the 2012 Election:

We usually don't watch Network TV,
but this new show has really captured our attention...

Here's a life fact for all you sick cheap bastards:

Here is some friendly advice,
Never trust a woman who looks like a peacock, no matter how hot she is:

We will fight for the rights of those who can not fight for themselves.
And we will get all bezerker on your ass if you try and stop us.

Turn off the computer, turn off the TV, turn off your smart phones.
Go outside and enjoy life.



Duct Tape is like The Force:
it has a light side, a dark side & it holds the universe together.

November 10, 2011

All of this bothers me immensely

A Map Of Every McDonald's In The U.S.





This picture tweaks me out....


So does this picture, But at least I made it funny:

- - -

Hudson: Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?

Gorman: All we know is that there's still no contact with the colony,
and that a xenomorph may be involved.

Frost: Excuse me sir, a-a what?

Gorman: A xenomorph.

Hicks: It's a bughunt.

Stuff Operative X wants you to know....

FIRST = He has a new blog entry published.
Click HERE to read it.

SECOND = Econ fail - Ask the professors...‏
Econ profs give GOP candidate ideas an F…

THIRD = This Guy is a dick.

Things that make me feel laugh and feel good...

I heart Rachel Maddow

I loved this shirt design so much, I bought one:

An EAS Nationwide Test, Meteors doing fly byes,
These are strange days...

November 9, 2011

Video of the Day:

Stuff like this scares thie shit out of the paranoid conspiracy nut in me

Blah Blah Blah...

We exude fake angst to get the teenage demographic

November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Abraham "Bram" Stoker

Born on this day in 1847 in Ireland.
Bram is best know for writing Dracula:

Around the Horn

From nosajmunson:

To Quote Andrew P.L. from our Facebook Page:
"All children are born afraid, but it takes a skilled crafter of lies to mold that fear into hate."

Brother West held a mock trial against Goldman Sachs:

Props to Bad Mojo again for letting me know about this shirt.
It arrived yesterday and I love it:

Dinosaurs are funny:


Newest Profile pic of me & Operative X:


From Operative X:

"The news gets worse and worse.."

"Youth is truth!‏ I wish old rhymed with lies!"


From Agent Mulder, Darth Tom and OlmTreeHomeSted

So, Darth Tom drew some stick figures on my whiteboard.
He added some thought bubbles.
Agent Mulder added some thought bubbles too.
It turned into a so-so joke.
But then OlmTreeHomeSted decided to turn it into a video and make it epic.
Here you go: Tattoo by Elmgrows


From Tumblr Jesus

Jesus sent us a lot of stuff on Tumblr. He has a pretty warped sense of humor:

Nothing says loving like Zombie loving...

There are some things that are worth coming back from the dead for.
And then there's this crap.
Check out this horrible horror film with favorite Joanna Angel:

We do love Joanna

To help myself see, I pour contact lens solution on my glasses

November 7, 2011

Videos you should watch

I love these old GI JOE PSA's. How could you not, Body Massage.



From RyCon, this one is pretty good:


This guy invented gravity just to defy it:


This come from Art on Facebook. Thanks again Art:


This is from OlmTreeHomeSted

This one is from Johnny Cobra:

Today is the Fifth of November

November 5, 2011


Inflict strain upon the structure, Collapsing below my pressure

November 4, 2011

We Occupy in Colorado, but our hearts Stand with Youngstown

Op X and I were born in Warren Ohio.
But when people ask me where I'm from, I say "Youngstown" because in my heart, that is home.
So, when I read this article, it brought tears to my eyes:

Here is a clip from the Rachel Maddow show all about Youngstown:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

We still have lots of friends and family in Warren & Youngstown.
This just hurts.
Wall Street is not totally to blame, but they sure as hell aren't helping any.
I can't speak for all of us here at, but I can speak for Operative X and myself:


Operative X is about to kick your ass with a Linkstorm

First off, check out Operative X's newest blog entry:

And here comes the Linkstorm:

Ah, corporate tax loopholes…

Israel’s hardliners trying to goad us again…

How GOP’ers like Perry and Huntsman are enjoying Obamacare’s $$$...

Reformed GOP-er Ray Lahood, US Trans. Secretary (Rep. in Congress, 1994-2009), calls out his party and their tea village idiots:

But it doesn't exist?‏ That whole climate change thing, you know…

Unthink, probably better than joining these guys:

Wow - the NYPD at its best...‏

Last for the day...Look what our House can do...‏(but they can’t pass Obama’s Jobs bill?)

It's about time Jeopardy! got racy:

From Huffington Post.....
"Risque" and "Jeopardy" aren't words that go together often.
But during Thursday night's Tournament Of Champions contest,
one woman added a little spice to the show's normally staid proceedings.

The category was "Group Countdown," and the $600 clue read as follows:
"If Andy yearns for Brenda & Brenda cares about Charlene who pines for Andy, the 3 of them form one of these."

"What is a threesome?" a contestant named Kara guessed.

Click this to read the full article and see the clip:

Funny Stuff

This one is from OlmTreeHomeSted:

Stuff from Underworld's Karl Hyde:

Website/Diary Entry from Yesterday:

More New Art from Karl, click it to see his newest works:

I'm too tired to type anything clever

November 3, 2011

Operative X has some new blogs up

He is on a roll.
He talks about baseball and Occupy Colorado Springs.
Click the pic to read up:

Check out this video RyCon found...

Attack of the Random


Somethings are better left unseen,
that's why we show them to you.

November 2, 2011

Videos that can't be unseen

This is hands down one of the most perverted, offensive and disgusting videos I have ever seen.
If you hate hunting, DO NOT watch.
I don't know why I am even sharing this. I think it's fucked up.
And do NOT watch this at work.
The rating of this video, well, there are 2 X's in front of the first X.

Compared to the video above, this next one is a cake walk.
But it still comes from the weird part of YouTube:

Sure we've all seen stuff like this before.
But if you haven't, here is how NOT to raise your kids:

Here is some funny that we should not laugh at but we will

Here are some things that are't so funny

Man, the fucked up shit that comes out of Ann Coulter's mouth.
Click this pic of her to read her latest statement:

This is old. I've had it in my favorites forever but have forgotten to post it.
I think this is sad....

John Cheese from JDATE wrote this article back in May.
Again, it got lost in my "Post" folder.
Read the article and keep the Occupy Wall Street movement in mind.
After reading this article, you'll wonder why OWS didn't start years ago:

And some just cuz....

Remember remember the month is now November

November 1, 2011

Want to interact with us, do it on Facebook

You can argue with us, tell us what you like, tell us what offended you,
share you opinions with others, and laugh your ass off:

And here's some more ihatepeacocks goodness

Click this to see all of our pics from our get together this past weekend:

Check out our October Archive page cause it was a good month:

Here's us showing support for Occupy Colorado Springs & #OWS

Be sure to check out this website, daily:

Listen to Captain Sulu:

Click to see the full picture:

Let's play around the Horn

Operative X has a lot to say:

GOP nonsense...Reagan on Mt. Rushmore?‏

Reagan was the most successful President in the 20th centurty? Really?
Their GOP revisionism knows no bounds. They forget a guy so good he was elected 4 times....


The only things Reagan was good at were:
- Being senile
- Jacking inflation
- Putting faith squarely into politics
- Nearly bankrupting the US

The things FDR did:
- Started Social Security
- Created the New Deal which pulled us out of the Great Depression
- Ordered our forces to take on the Axis and the greatest evil power ever known, the Nazis
- Paved the path for establishing American dominance in the 20th century
- And oh yeah, was elected FOUR times


More bullying and hate violence...‏This is just Sad and Wrong

Where's the beef Taco Bell?!?!?‏

Smart thinking here…always love when our local news goes national…

Operative X has even more to say.
Check out Op X's newest blog posting by click his pic:


From Johnny Cobra

Zombies are Big Business:


Serious, WTF:


From RyCon

This is just plain sweet ass sweet, click to the pic to check out RyCon's new page:


From Bad Mojo

Bad Mojo found this awesome ass shirt on Woot today:


From Daveak on Tumblr:

Luke Skywalker just wants to watch it all burn.....