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End of the Month


I could post a bunch of stuff, but fuck it.
Who wants some Orgazmo?

Screw Oh-Long-Johnson
Faith Hilling is the only memeing I'll do!



Oh so many videos I want to show you.
Let's start with Tenacious D.
They are releasing a new album in May.
Wanna know what happened to them inbetween the last album & now,
Well, click this to find out:

Comedy Central is asking people to vote on the best viral original video.
Click this pic to check them all out:

As far as I am concerned, there is only one Winner.
And that's this video, the guy that invented Winning:

Speaking of Remixes, this one always makes me laugh:

By now you've heard of the whole KONY 2012 campaign.
But I bet you DIDN'T know that Law & Order's Christopher Meloni was going to hunt down Joseph Kony:

This is worth the watch if for nothing else than Meadow Soprano:

South Park treats

Well, 3 episodes in and South Park season 16 is pretty funny.
Click on the pics below for some treats:


Johnny Cobra found these first two:

If this is true, then I'm a devil worshipper:

Sometimes I wonder about google. But their suggested searches are based on the number of hits, so.....

We eat lightning bugs


Reason #129 why we hate peacocks

The creepy noises they make.


The GOP continues it's War on Women.
We will do everything in our power to make sure these Republican assholes LOSE.
But you must be wary of their tactics.
They continue to sink lower and lower....

The War on Privacy Conitunes but the GOP infested Congress is NOT on your side:

Stephen Colbert on the Trayvon Martin killing & Geraldo Rivera & Fox News, CLICK TO WATCH:


"Doesn't this make him a celebrity...?‏
Doesn’t the GOP hate celebrities (unless they’re Sarah Palin?)"

I stole this picture from our friend at UnderTheMountainBunker.com

Around The Horn

 Anakin Stahlwalker's Stahlwalker.com is back up and operational:


Operative X sent me this article which is all about the new video from
our friend Mike Polk & my beloved (they break my fucking heart every season) Cleveland Browns:


 RyCon has been hard at work.
"I have been working on taking screen caps and altering them to make a statement."
I'd say RyCon is doing a great job.
Check these out:

Click to Enlarge:


Here's another bad ass tattoo on our man Bad Mojo:

Bad Mojo
also tipped us off to this sweet ass shirt. I may have to get it for May The 4th:


Only Darth Tom could find a picture this cool:


I made a cat meme.
I call it the WUT cat:

Here is a good place to use it.
Boy, these whinny teenagers have it so rough.
This is what you'd call "First World Problems":

And speaking of WHAT THE FUCK,
I made this for Anakin Stahlwalker & Darth Tom.
The only thing missing is a bowl of soup:

Come On                 -                 Come On


blah blah blah

Aliens, Tebow & Hitler?
Oh my!


Happy Birthday to two of our own.
The Oracle himself & The Lovely Little Cake Baker of London.

Around the Horn

Not to gloat, but vindication pie tastes good.
For all those that gave me shit about my stance on Whitney Houston read this:

Here is a nice little mp3 sample from DUNE I made.
Click to listen or right click to download:


The Roman found a funny video of Hitler reacting to the news about Tim Tebow.
Click this to watch it:


From Operative X

"Ladies and gentleman...the actual application of the 2nd Amendment‏"


Yes, I love this movie.
And since its my website, I'm going to post about it as much as I want.

EVOLUTION, clicky click it:

Click each of the following pics to listen or download mp3 samples from the movie

Stop your grinnin'

There's something moving

Current Events

One of my favorites:




He flexed his muscles to keep his flock of sheep in line


And while we are talking about Tebow:


First off, yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day.
We here at ihatepeacocks.com are are big supporters of the National Association Down Syndrome 
and specifically the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association!
Check out this site by clicking the pic:


Wanna See Some BADASS Tattoo Work?
Then check this out.
This is our own Bad Mojo. He got his leg work finished up.
This is EPIC:


Click the pic to read his latest blog entry

 Operative X has been following this scary trend for a while now.
Here is the latest trend on potential employers and your Facebook account.
"The war on privacy continues...follow-up on interviews‏"

I09.com has also published an article on this topic:


The New South Park Season is off to a good start.
They hit the nail on the head with the Episode "Cash for Gold"


We've been posting a mad amount of Walking Dead memes.
We've posted an album of our best work on our Flickr.
Click this to check them out:


Here is Interesting band that makes music using casio keyboards & VCRs.
It's very Avante-Weird, but you can download their stuff for free.
Go to their TUMBLR page to watch their videos.
Then go to bandcamp and download their stuff:


It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion


I am going to miss winter


Us at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Myself, The Roman and Kat Von Rad (along with our family's),
all went to the St. Patty's day Parade in Colorado Springs.
Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

Around the Horn

\From OlmTreeHomeSted/

Here is a song/video that will get your Monday off to a good start.
This is so fun & quirky it will make anyone feel better:


/From Operative X\

"Good story...Helping the homeless‏.
And taking the steps to do it…"


\From The Roman/

Your Princess Leia Picture of the Day:


/From Chazz\

10 hours of nothing but amazing horse.
If you make it past an hour without eating a bullet, well, that's got to be some kind of record:


\From nosajmunson(me)/

Street art of the day:

Here is a meme from my father. Don't question it:

This is some scary shit right here:

I just don't think the Pope & The Catholic church get it:

Hard to see the Dark Side is:

The Walking Dead

That was one intense season.
The season finale was extreme.
Rick was a badass but kind went off the deep end there at the end.

Lori is a raging bitch. Rick does what she suggested and she gets mad at him???
WTF, over?

Andrea was quite the little bad ass herself.

But thankfully Michonne (a fan favorite from the comics) showed up to save her.

I was so thankful Maggie & Glenn lived.
I even wrote the Walking Dead a letter yesterday.

Here are some memes I made in honor of a badass season of Zombie Killing Drama:



"It's St. Patty's Day, everyone's Irish tonight.
Why don't you just pull up a stool and have a drink with us?"


Here are some pretty ladies in green

And then there's this:





We saw Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss open for Flogging Molly.
And I got to tell ya, they were badass!

(Nathan & Matt from Flogging Molly jammed with Zander & Sean - Picture by Flogging Molly)

I had my doubts about 2 "aging" punk rockers doing an acoustic set.
But by the end of their first song, those doubts had melted away.
I highly recommend you check them out:

Now speaking of Flogging Molly...

Again, another amazing show.
We have made it into a tradition now, when Flogging Molly comes to Colorado,
Me and My Girl make it a date night and go get our Irish on!

We had a blast.
Flogging Molly rocked a sold out Ogden Theater in Denver.
They played a wide variety of new, old and obscure tracks.
It was good stuff.
Check out our pics from the show:

Catch Up

First off, I just need to say this:

I think that the Republican Party is off their fucking rocker.
I thought their racism was vile enough, but now their misogyny has become unbound.
Their war on women makes me sick.
So to the GOP, one behalf of every woman in my life, I have this to say to you:

This protester sums it up best:

I am not nearly as eloquent as UnderTheMountainBunker.com,
so I recommend you click this pic to read all of their posts on the topic:

And to any man who agrees with The GOP, this is for you:


Moving on...
Did you know that the Death Star nurses off of the Sun?

Then, there's this:

This is a pretty cool blog about all sorts of good scifi & horror stuff, among other things.
Check out this entry about Dune & old Dune merch.
Click the pic:

And here is a blog all about "The Foxy Ladies of Buck Rogers".
I thought all the women on Buck Rogers were stone cold foxes?
Check it out:

Here is your street art of the day from "New York Shitty Day Starter"

Here is a rad daily comic strip the reminds me of Red Meat
Click this to check out their archive:

Operative X has been busy-busy-busy.
And we haven't been able to find him, until now.
We know where he has been hiding....Nowhere Near Berlin:

 The Roman found this video.
You need to watch it because these cockroaches are fucking funny:

Now, I leave you with the words of Bill Hicks.
This is what he said when a crowd told him he should quit smoking because it will shorten his life:

Still too busy to do any real updates.
But that's OK because today is Flogging Molly Day!


Hopefully we'll have some pictures and or videos to show you tomorrow.

I really am sorry for not being able to keep the site updated lately.
But hopefully I'll get more free time soon
so we can get back to business.
In the meantime, enjoy some lulz.

No free time + no updates = sad website

March 12, 2012

I've been so busy but not too busy for The Walking Dead

I have been swamped. I haven't had time to update the site this past week.
Which sucks because we have tons of updates to post.
But the one thing I have been able to make time for is The Walking Dead.
This season just keeps getting better and better.
I'll get back to doing daily updates tomorrow.
In the meantime, here are a bunch pictures I made for your enjoyment.


While the Republicans are busy voting today,
we decided to bring some sexy back



I love a good animated *.gif:


Click this for a funny ass collection of Batman .gifs:

Oh Carl Brutananadilewski:


Operative X is on a roll with butter.
He published a new blog entry:

He's got a bevy of links he wants you to read.
So here is his link-storm for today:

Ah yes, sanctioned/sanctimonious hate‏:
At 1st Presbyterian in downtown Colorado Springs…

Protestors in OK City...
And Santorum tells them to get jobs…

I remember when this came up at CSU years back,
and we said if you’re a person who needs to carry guns on campus to feel safe,
then you’re a paranoid delusional psychopath.
Armed and dangerous at CU‏

What can be done with my promiscuous daughter?
And why colleges can also be so fun...‏

Ann Romney Is Talking Awkwardly About Money Now Too..
But I'm not an alien!‏

Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords
Just a matter of time...Employers ask for your facebook password‏


Here is a good read from The Roman:


Happy Super Tuesday:

Republican Jesus wants you to Vote today:

Don't you just love these Clown?

You proably already know that Rush Limbaugh is a dick.
But here are some reminders:

Clicky Click for more:


Agent Mulder found out what happens when a VW Bus goes to the Darkside:


Friends let friends make fun of Dubstep
Especially Skrillex



Words of Wisdom from James Franco:


I do so love Megan Mullally.

Did you know that she is married to Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation:

Pictures that create impure thoughts are the best pictures

Who wants to be pure, it's boring.

And for the Ladies....

My love of zombies is just gnawing away at me


Here is some BIG news for us

Photo Hunting

I love taking pictures. And I haven't really been on a Photo Hunt in a while.
But yesterday I was able to get some good pics.
So here they are.
Click the first pic to link to my "photos" page:

You know what I love more than zombies?

This is the best Motoko Kusangi [aka The Major] cosplay I have ever seen:

The Walking Dead is getting intense

I am really impressed with Season 2 of The Walking Dead.
It hasn't been without its downsides.
But I am enjoying it.
Last night's episode was sad & the ending was brutal:


Now, if only Rick would just shoot that Randell or Randall or whatever his name is....


And in other Zombie News



"I really like the way that scarf looks on you"


I just wanted to destroy something beautiful

Like this:

We are now "The Deathers"

And we won't rest until we see the whole thing:

(Nice one Paul!)


~From Operative X~

Enslavement by the 1%...literally‏


~From nosajmusnon~

I'm all for science, but one has to wonder sometimes....really?
Let's just hope Michael Bay doesn't read this article.
Who am I kidding, Michael Bay can't read!


Sarah Jessia Parker is on sale at Target:


I'm a smart enough guy, but I never did well in High School.
And I never went to college.
I blame my woman because she was a very nice distraction:


Next time you start to feel bad about yourself, just remember this:


From our beloved Cracked.com


And here is your "Why the Fuck did you do that" peacock tattoo of the day:

But fear not. Here is your "Rad Nerd Girl" tattoos for the day

(clicky click to enlarge)


Someone said to me (online) today they thought ihatepeacocks.com wasn't that funny.
So to that person, and you know who you are, I have this in response:


Except for you Anakin. You murdered most of them you little shit!

Bow down before the Ice Cream Perv
You're going to get some warm soft serve


And here is the Anti-Song-of-the-Day.
How people take them seriously is beyond me.
But what I really can't understand is how they have millions of fans the world over.
DIE ANTWOORD = What Elevator Music in Hell must sound like:

The Must Watch Short Film of the Day

Click this pic to watch:


~From Bad Mojo~

Here is just another Mens Wear Blog


~From Operative X~

" And further cultural subversion...‏
Telling someone they cannot speak their people’s native language,
especially saying something as harmless as “I love you?” Really!?!
Click to read:


~From nosajmunson(me)~

I am 35 years old and I have no idea what I wanna be when i grow up.
But I kind of like Jay's idea here:


And in Book news, The John Dies at the End sequel can now be pre-ordered on Amazon.com:


Did you know Andrew Breitbart died?

Persoanlly, I think he was a fucking asshole
that made Rush Limbaugh look like a soft spoken bleeding heart liberal.
But, he is dead, so that's that.
Personally, I think he is faking it to try and frame Obama for murder.
His followers think Obama had really did have Navy SEAL Team 6 kill him.
I'm not making that up, click below to read:

Whatever ya bunch of fucking right wing loons!
Interestingly enough, when Ted Kennedy died, Brietbart when on a Twitter Tweet attack.
Click this to read more from UnderTheMountainBunker.com


And finally, here is a nice Cosplay picture of a Hot Velma that Tumblr friend Mehbil aka The Awesome Garden posted.
Click it to check out more from here blog, but be careful, it is not always safe for work: