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Be wary of loose women because you can't fight Hitler with VD

June 30, 2010

Song of the Day:
mc chris - The Tussin


The Funniest Sex Education Posters of All Time!

Click this to see some more...


The new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been released.
It looks Fantastic!
Check it out now before it gets pulled off of YouTube.




Some of the news I knew would be new to you

June 29, 2010

Songs of the Day:
Mad Capsule Markets - KUMO & Happy Ride



So Everyone on Earth know that the newest iPhone is out.
And everyone on the web is posting their review.
Doesn't that get a little boring year after year?

Well, have no fear, the Suicide Girls are here!
Suicide Girl Staff Member Missy has livened things up for us
and published her review of the new iPhone.

And this one is anything but boring.


And speaking of those wonderful Suicide Girls.......
Did you know they got banned from Comic Con this year?

You just know there are a shit ton of fanboys who are now really pissed and broken hearted.


Everyone knows Bruce Campbell is a Bad Ass.

But did you know he has his own brand of soup?


New Strip Mall Of America Stretches Over 1/6th Of North Dakota


Torchwood is coming back baby!

If you want to check out the best Torchwood has to offer, then watch all 5 parts of
Torchwood: Children of Earth


Pictures of the day:

I felt like I was stuck in Jello all day

June 28, 2010

Song of the Day:
Orbital w/ Matt Smith (aka Doctor Who 11) - Doctor Who Theme Live at Glastonbury 2010


Series 5 of Doctor Who is gearing up to end here in the US.
The final episode of the series "The Big Bang" has already aired in the UK.
Although this has not been my favorite series, I am getting excited.
Series 5 has gotten better with each episode (except Cold Blood which simply sucked).
It will be interesting to find out what the "Pandorica" really is and to see how the TARDIS blew up.

(The Weeping Angels are goth incarnate)

I put an Apple sticker on my PC

June 27, 2010

Songs of the Day:
Alien Sex Fiend x3 = Nightmare Zone, Batman, Another Planet



Here are some X-Rated X-Ray Pinup Girls for you:

(Read more about these racy x-rays by clicking here)

Ms. December:

Ms. May

Ms. July


For the Record...

Ghost in the Shell
is still the greatest Anime ever made.

Your time will come

June 26, 2010

Song of the Day:
Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (Live in Denver)


Went swimming today with the kids in an indoor wave pool.
It was awesome!


Jabba's gotta have his Pops!

More Star Wars silly pics coming soon.........


I just got some new shirts really cheap thanks to googling some coupon codes.

The shirt I still need but don't have....yet:

Just trying to get thru the day isn't as easy as it used to be

June 25, 2010

Song of the Day:
D. Ramirez, M. Knight & Underworld -
Downpipe (Live)
D. Ramirez in Denver:

Underworld in Melbourne:


Seems we have found a new way to kill whales without using a harpoon.


Beach Party

We eat Bounty Hunter Trail mix when we give the finger

June 24, 2010

Song of the Day:
Link Wray - Run Chicken Run


nom nom nom nom nom


Here's some random pics from my phone:

(Can you spot the Elk in the pic above?)


Paper Street Tourists

Tonight we make Rock.
Time to make the IceMan work.

Retro at the Metro

June 23, 2010

Song of the Day:
Level 42 - Something about you


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I have been wanting to read this since it was first translated into English.
I finally bought the Mass Release Paperback 12 days ago and just finished it.
It is a great read.
The interesting part is that really nothing happens for the first 300 pages.
Then it suddenly really gets going and going and going.
Then it ends, but there is another 75 pages until it ends....again.

Thankfully I finished it before the DVD was released.
So on July 6th, I am going to watch and ponder.
Then onto the second book.


Funny video of the Day:

And speaking of Breasts,
here's the latest in the Got Milk? ads


Push the Pedal and go a little faster

June 22, 2010

Song of the Day:
Ministry - Let's Go (Live in 2008)


My kids got me the Star Wars Pancake Molds for Father's Day.
Frickin' Awesome!
So here is what we are having for breakfast for a long time.


And speaking of Star Wars.........

Zombie Stormtroopers.
Why didn't I think of this?
Talk about two great tastes that go great together.
Go read Death Troopers and then buy the figure/bust.


And while we are talking about the Creepy...
Check out this picture I took

And then watch this bizarre video

Cough, cough, cough, I wish I could stop...*cough*

June 21, 2010

Song of the Day:
Math the Band - It's time to party (Andrew W.K. cover)


Father's Day fishing last night.
Both my dad and I only caught 1, but it was a fun time.


I met State Senator John Morse over the weekend.
He was going door to door talking to voters.
We had a pretty good conversation.
He was more candid than most politicans around here.
When it comes time to vote in November, he's got mine.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad
and all the other cool father's in the world.

June 20, 2010



The Whole Family went fishing last night.
Everyone caught at least one. It was a good time.
Tonight we fish again.
Click the pics for more.


Random pic of the day


I warned you all, Peacocks eat children!

June 19, 2010

A child was attacked by a peacock at the zoo where my hatred of them was born.
I'll say it again,
Be wary, Peacocks are Evil and they will eat your children!

Read more about here from 9 News in Denver.

And here from FOX31 in Denver.

Mark my words people, this is only the beginning.
If we don't do something, they will try to take over the world.
We have to make a stand.

I love it when a good plan comes together

June 18, 2010

Song of the Day:
Time Agency - Giant Robot


After some bullshit with some capital "Bull", I was able to escacpe the 9-5.
The Wife and I went to get some Cheese Curds at
then went to see the new A-Team movie.
It was dumb and impossible and it was a really fun movie to see.
Go check it out.

3 Alarm Hangover after a bender with the bosses

June 17, 2010

Song of the Day:
The Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck


Anakin Stahlwalker and I took our bosses, who were in from out of town,
out for a night drinking & we all got fucked up, stunk ass drunk.
After about 8 hours, our livers started to give out.
Now today a 3 alarm hangover for me and Stahlwalker says his is about a 17 alarm.

To sum up last night,
Bowling, "Free Pussy on Father's Day at the Humane Society",
Bullshit about Waveland Ave, Shepard's Pie, A Crappy Cowboy Bar,
Rooftop Bars, Patio Bars, Car Bombs, Heckling, Where'd Dustin Go?,
and mechanical bulls.

Iron Maiden Update Part 2:

June 16, 2010

Song of the Day:
Gene Vincent - Rip it Up


The Cult of the Iron Maiden T-SHIRT

There is a rule when going to a concert.
NEVER wear a shirt of the band you are going to see.
This is a universal constant except with Iron Maiden.
This is the only band where that rule does not apply.
Maiden shows are a chance for fans to show off their Maiden shirts.
Iron Maiden actually makes shirts exclusive to shows.
Case in point, this year there is a Texas "Event" shirt that was only available at
the 3 stops in Texas on their "Final Frontier Tour".
Events shirts are a badge of honor for the hardcore Maiden fans.
And they take it very seriously. Some Event Shirts can go for $700 buck on EBay.

So, to pay tribute to the fans, here are some pics of various shirts, merch and some the hardcore
 I saw at the show on Monday night.
Some are Event Shirts, some are shirts you can buy on this tour and some are just plain cool.

I'll post some more goodies from the show later this month and
possibly have Chuck post them on the official fan boards.


Did you hear about the Giant Jesus that was struck down by Lightning?

Maybe God doesn't want folks building giant statues of his son.
Or maybe, it's because of this.......

~Picture of the MONTH!~

This protester guy was standing outside after the show.
I asked these metal heads kids to take a pic with him in the background.
They said "Why don't we just pose with him". So they walked up and I took this pic.
I don't know who these kids were, but they fucking rock!
And at roughly the same time I took this pick, lightning struck the Giant Jesus.
So again, I think God is telling everyone to lighten up.
And also he wants you to listen to Iron Maiden.


Note to the Keyboard player from Dream Theater.
The "KeyTar" sucks.
And it sucks even more if it is a Klingon Sword looking Key-Tar.
Got it.
So let's review Mr. Dream Theater Keyboardist.
The Key-Tar sucks and so do you!


On a completely different note,
This was KRCC's picture of the day for June 15, 2010.
Read the comments on the page, I guess someone thinks we didn't take this pic.
That or my wife is such a good photographer people can't believe it isn't professional.

Check out the photo page as I put a few more pics up from this set.

Iron Maiden Update Part 1:

June 15, 2010

Song of the Day:
Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers (Live in Denver June 14, 2010)

First off, the show was awesome last night.
They didn't play as many old songs as I would have liked, but still a great show.
They did play "Blood Brothers" which is one of my favorites, so that was a nice treat.
Tomorrow I will post pics from the "Cult of Iron Maiden T-Shirt".
In the meantime, enjoy some of these pics.

Up the Irons Bitches

June 14, 2010

Song of the Day:
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills

Tonight, Iron Maiden in Denver.
Check back tomorrow for pics and other stuff.


from ROFLRAZZI.com

Finally, they come in 6-packs!

But what the fuck is a 3-pack then?

Adventure Walks and starting the kids young

June 13, 2010

Song of the Day:
Underworld -

(I know this was recently a S.O.T.D. but, it's just so good)


Random pics of the Day:


Awwww...I see BP has read 1984.
They are becoming very Orwellian about this whole spill in the Gulf.
(Thanks to David Wong from "John Dies At the End" for pointing this out.)


Season 3 of True Blood starts tonight.
I am excited, are you?

The Red Bearded Monster vs The Trout of Monument Lake

June 12, 2010

Song of the day:
Juno Reactor - Masters of the Universe


The Fam went Fishing last night and met up with
Agent OlmTreeHomeSted's family.
The Fishing was good and the everyone had fun.
Except the fish I caught.
I apologize to the family of the 2nd trout I caught (we named him Cut).
He swallowed the hook, there was nothing I could do.
But have no fear, the rest were returned to their homes in the lake, unharmed.

Click the pick to see more:

Getting Ready to Up the Irons

June 11, 2010

Song of the Day:
Iron Maiden - El Dorado


Chuck and I are going to Iron Maiden on Monday in Denver.
We are both pretty stoked.
Chuck is an original Iron Maiden fan. For him, this is like a journey to Mecca.
I remember when I was in 7th grade listening to The Cure, Chuck was already a Maiden Fan.
That was well over 20 years ago.
He has been checking out the merch they have on sale this tour.
Looks like we'll both be shelling out some bucks.
If you haven't been to an Iron Maiden show then you don't know about
the Cult of Iron Maiden Shirts.
I'll be posting pictures from the show as well as the "Cult of Shirts" next week.

(I am going to get #4 above and maybe #6 below)


Check out the new iPad add:

Beware the Peacocks for they are the Devil's Spawn

June 10, 2010

Song of the Day:
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast


Peacocks Are Evil

Beware for they will eat your Children

Don't eat clams anytime soon, unless you like them with...
Mustard Gas

June 9, 2010

I read this article this morning regarding a Clam Boat dredging up mysterious chemical containers
that made members of the crew sick:

Then about 8 hours later I read this article confirming
that what made the crew sick was Mustard Gas:

Now, the fisherman was exposed on June 8th, which oddly enough is......
I don't think that's irony. I think that this is Mother Nature's way of getting back at us.
Why you ask? Well, have you seen the Gulf of Mexico lately.

Please click the pic and read the article.
Here is a quote from said article:
"Scientists on a team analyzing the flow said Tuesday
that the amount of crude still escaping into the Gulf of Mexico may be considerably greater
than what the government and the company have claimed."

Simply put, this is some really bad shit.
I know there is a lot of finger pointing going around as far as who is to blame.
Here is my thought, do not fire the CEO of BP, simply shoot him.
And Obama, get your ass in gear.
Fire Ken Salazar because he isn't getting shit done.
Stop this fucking oil leak and let's do what we can to clean it up and then stick the bill to BP.
Fuck em, they're British.

Simply put, BP needs to take their own advice.


On Candy Striped Legs, The Spider Man Comes

Song of the Day:
The Cure - Lullaby

Today, Mr. UPS Man brought me the Super Dooper Deluxe Edition of
The Cure's Disintegration

3 Discs of pure sonic morose beauty.

Disc 1 is the album Remasted by Robert Smith himself,
Disc 2 is 20 tracks of Demos, Instrumentals and Unreleased songs
and Disc 3 is the Cure performing the entire album live.

This album is one of my favorite albums of all time.
And the title track is my second favorite song of all time.
For 21 years, this is the album that I measure all other albums against.
No other single record has had so much influence on me both in my taste in music and the music I make.
I can safely say, "They don't make them like this anymore".
Many others agree, "Disintegration is the best album ever"
Click the pic to see what South Park has to say about it.

Good news in the world of Underworld

June 8, 2010

Song of the Day:
Underworld - Always Loved a Film (OWF Fan Mix)
(It gets really good @ 2:26, wait for it)

The Underworld put the scoop about their new album on their website yesterday.
It is called "Barking" and look at this track listing:

Bird 1 (additional production by Dubfire)
Always Loved A Film (a/p Mark Knight & D. Ramirez)
Scribble (a/p High Contrast)
Hamburg Hotel (a/p Appleblim & Al Tourettes)
Grace (a/p Dubfire)
Between Stars (a/p Mark K & D. Ramirez)
Diamond Jigsaw (a/p Paul van Dyk)
Moon In Water (a/p High Contrast)

ALAF, Scribble, Between Stars, Diamond Jigsaw and Moon in Water all on one disc.
This is going to be a great album.
Click the pic for more info from the source.

This Hot Heat Hard Boils My Head

June 7, 2010

Video of the Day:
Star Wars Cantina 2010 from Adidas
(Starring Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Justin Long and a few others)


Here is some Star Wars Funny for you:


Mountain Zombie Vampire Elk

June 5-6, 2010

We had a ton of fun in Estes Park, Mary's Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park.
We bumped into Elk at almost every turn.
At our campsite, on the road, in town, at the park, even at the lakes.
I think they were stalking us and I think they were evil.
We also discovered a new bird. The Gothic Bluejay.
I didn't get to do much at the Stanley as my wife refused to aid in my quest.
But, we did find a real Pet Cemetery directly behind the Stanley.
That's some funny shit if you think about it.
I took a bunch of pictures of Mother Nature at her finest
as well as some other stuff.


Heading to the Estes Park to play "Shining" for the weekend

June 4, 2010

Song of the Day:
Mix Master Munson - New Rule

(I made this one, download and enjoy)


Heading up into the Mountains for a few days.
One of the stops, The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.
My goal is to get a picture in the Stanley of me holding an Axe.
It's been a while since I've done that.
So check back Sunday or Monday for some pics and tales.

~ ~ ~
In the meantime, here's some Random Nerd Funny:

(WTF is this thing? I don't know either, but damn it would be sweet to have as a pet)


This is for S.L. at DCU.
I told you this site was pretty much exactly like this.
So, to help you understand why guys can just sit around and talk movie quotes,
here are some of the coolest movie quotes of all time:

IG-88 has duck feet, just ask Anakin Stahlwalker

June 3, 2010

Song of the Day:
Lamb of God - Ruin


Once again, one of my photos was picked by KRCC in Colorado Springs
as their photo of the day.
Sweet Ass Sweet.


Dude's got duck feet under those robot boots.
And in his spare time, he wears a Death Star T-Shirt.
Don't believe me, go ask Anakin Stahlwalker over at www.thedroidswearelookingfor.com

(Duck feet and lots of bass makes it hard to hear, but fuck it)

Did you know that IG-88 started as a Rat in a Lab before he
was made into a droid Bounty Hunter.
No, you didn't know that. But, now you do.
You're welcome.


More from "John dies at the end".
from John Cheese via David Wong:


D.A.M. feels good to be a gangsta

June 2, 2010

Song of the Day:
Geto Boys - Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

(Karaoke by Kermit the Frog)


Went to the D.A.M. yesterday
(The Denver Museum of Art)
We had a great time and took some cool pics.


Next time someone talks about a bottomless pit,
think of this:

Another June is upon us

June 1, 2010

Song of the Day:
Doctor Who Theme 1980-1984

For more on the histroy of the Doctor Who opening credits & themes
Click this pic:


Random pic of the day:


Here's some more pics from the MC Chris show at the Black Sheep
courtesy of Chuck.

This is from Threadless.com: