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The First Month of the Last Year because
 The World is going to End this year....again.


Do not under estimate the power of The Nerd Side


I've seen things you people wouldn't believe

Me as Darth Maul:


From Kat Von Rad:

Lord of the Rings Legos!


From RyCon:

Remember this:


From Darth Tom:

It's about time:

Who would have thought Darth Tom could find something so....cute??!!


From the M.E. of Illinois & Darth Tom (sort of..):


From nosajmunson (me)

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Speaking of Math the Band, check out this cool little video:

Upcoming Events for the ihatepeacocks.com gang

So, we might as well keep busy and live it up!

First up in February:

Then in March:

Then in April:

In May:

In June:


This is my world, this is mine, all mine



New Friend of ihatepeacocksc.om Chazz aka IAMSPLITTONGUE sent us a whole bunch of goodies
that we would like to share with you.
First, this:

And this is one of his own creations.
We highly recommend you subscribe to him on YouTube:

Plus he sent us a Clown Picture.
Anyone that sends us a picture of a fucked up Clown is good in our book.

Something to keep your eyes out for:
Key & Peele on Comedy Central

Click this pick to read about their new show (starting 1/31/2012) from NPR:

And if you want to know why you should tune in, click below to watch a short video of theirs:


Want some free & legal music.
Check out Colorado Springs's very own KRCC for a lot of free music downloads:


Oh, that Paula Deen.
I personally have always hated her, but it seems a bunch of other people do as well:

But have no fear, she is working on a cure for her type 2 diabetes:


Even Fidel Castro thinks the GOP is a bunch of Dumb Assholes:


Two Articles Operative X wants you to read:



Don't relax just because SOPA & PIPA have been shot down.
ACTA is getting ready to be voted on.
Click the pic below to voice your opposition:

If you live outside The United States, click here

Pictures worth looking at


This one is from The Roman & Under The Mountain Bunker:

I find this picture very romantic in a punk kind of way:

My vice and My Yummy

Your scent is all I need, to bring out the animal in me


Don't know if this song is an anti-fur song or if it is about sexor both?
Whatever, it is rad.


IO9.com reviewed John Dies At The End.
The headline tells me what I already know, that this movie, if 1/4 as cool as the book, is going to be fucking rad.
Click it to read thier review:


Thanks to Nevver/thisisnthappiness for turning me onto this.
For anyone in New York city, this is an art exhibit that may be worth checking out:


This is a site/blog you really need to check out.
"One Hello World is a collection of voicemails set to their own soundtrack created by an anonymous composer.
Callers from across the world participate by dialing One Hello World’s voicemail and sharing their story.
The result is a musical compilation giving listeners a cross-section of the human experience."
- HP

Out of all the tracks I listend to from ONe Hello World, this one was my favorite.
Click to give it a listen on Soundcloud:


Photo of the Day:
"Members of the Polish opposition party Palikot’s Movement held up Guy Fawkes masks in the Sejm today
to protest their government’s recent passage of the controversial
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)."
The Daily What

This is the 2nd time in 2 days we have posted about Politics in Poland.
I have to say, I like the way they do things over there.


It's Movie Award Season, so that means it's time for
Click the pic to see more:


Things turned ugly today for the Prime Minister of Australia.
Can you imagine something like this Happening in the United States
and shots NOT being fired?
Click to read all about it and watch the video:

If you love Mitt Romney as much as we do, then check this video out.
Thanks to Under The Mountain Bunker for turning us onto this vid:


This is the coolest picture I found on the Interweb yesterday:


Try this:

Your mom called me and said you are such a whore


Lamb of God's new album came out yesterday.
Here is a review from Metal Injection.
You can download from Amazon buy clicking here.

And speaking of Metal Injection....

Here is your PHOTO of the day:

Your UGLY TATTOO of the day:


I have been pissed at Obama a lot lately, but I got to tell you, that State of the Union address kicked ass.
That was the first time in a long time I felt Obama was kicking ass.
He called out Congress, Wall Street and the Republicans.
His spilled milk joke sucked though.
Click this pic for the full transscript:

The best part, was this:

So beautiful.

The worst part was John Boehner's tan:

Awesome Sauce

~Things that are awesome~

Carla Gugino guest starring on FX's Justified:

This Betty Page picture. I had never seen it before, until I saw it:

This *.gif:

This thing, whatever the hell it is:

And finally this:

Flying baby poop is a shitty way to start the week


Our coverage of yet another 2012 Republican Presidential debate

This one was in Florida last night:

And let's talk about Mitt Romney for a moment.
For a dude that is jobless, he sure does make a shit-ton of money.
AND he pays less in taxes than almost everyone in Middle Class America.
Click this pic to read more:

Stuff you should click on

From The Roman

For those who don't know, MegaUpload was based in New Zealand
More fallout from the Megaupload being shutdown.
Well, now it seems Mother Nature is protesting the shutdown too:


From Darth Tom

This is pretty cool:

And Darth Tom makes a good point here:


From Operative X

"Have I mentioned...‏how much Republicans can fuck themselves?"




From me(nosajmunson)

This is nerd priceless:


This is the strangest *.gif I've seen all day:

Let us not forget, Wall Street is still evil:

Here is a great list of horror movies from DreadCentral:

The lulz

I either made these or stole them because they made me laugh.

Had a right proper weekend with friends and family


I just wanted to thank all those who came out Saturday night.
It was a fun night.
I got drunk, hugged everyone, was loud as hell and kept talking about my balls.
So, it was just like every other time we all get together.
Thanks to the hardcore: Operative X, Bad Mojo, OlmTreeHomeSted, Johnny Cobra, The Roman,
A is for Aaron, Serby The Oracle and Anakin Stahlwalker(via Text).

Mama Panda and Kat Von Rad were on the disabled list.
So we will have to do it again when they are back to active status.

What the hell is this?

How very Misogynistic of the CDC.
Obviously the researcher behind this study was bottle fed & grew up jealous
of those who were not because they were never able to bond with their mother....
Who happened to be a Jackal:


Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina Republican Primary.
We'll let Jon Stewart's sum up our reaction:

Instead of ranting how fucking evil old Newt is, well use pictures to tell you how we feel about it:

Pictures are worth a thousand dollars and a few good captions

Well, yesterday day was an epic day for the Internet.
But I'm not sure it did anyone any favors.



The Anon attacks yesterday were beyond epic.
They were legendary.
But, I fear the high tide we were riding after BLACKOUT Wednesday may have just fizzled out:

Did you catch the Republican debates yesterday?
Let me just sum them up with one meme:

Speaking of closeted gayness, check this one out:

I had no idea you could date rape yourself:


The Empire’s Elite shock troops, Get beaten by Teddy Bears with rocks:

Here is a really good book that every parent should read to their children:

Here is an EPIC picture,
Charlie Clouser, Reznor, Dr.Dre, Danny Lohner:

And here is another EPIC picture:

And here is the Most EPIC picture of the Day:

It looks like the BLACKOUT made a difference.
Once SOPA & PIPA are totally dead we can begin work on
Project 2501



We aren't out of the woods just yet:


The Fallout

Megaupload was taken down today by The Feds:

And that pissed off Anonymous:

And as if that wasn't enough, they decided to go bigger:

And thier message to the world, click to watch:

And watch this, a day of action is ahead:


Things you should read.

From fan favorite Cracked.com

From John Cheese:

Number #1 is awesome:

Transcripts of an Epic Dumbass

I'm sure you've heard about the Cruise ship that wrecked in Italy.
The Captain of the ship is a world class dumbass.
Click this pic to read the transcripts from the crash:



"I hate magic, and I want to ruin it for you forever.
I drown witches, bitches."


 -  - 

Why the Hell does it seem that racism is getting worse or at least more subversive?

I say this with all sincerity:
I find it incredibly sad that racism is still alive and doing well in America.
Take the picture below as an example.
Not only are the girl & her father raging bigots, but all of the peeps
commenting are toadstool-humping-fuck-stupid-jagoffs.
This was a real post on Facebook mid-day on MLK Jr. Day.
But, this post got circulated on Tumblr.
Take a look at the comments on the right side, especially ours.
By 8pm CST, this girl's Facebook account had been closed down:

This is bad, if not worse, coming from the State Level.
Dick Move Arkansas, Dick Move:

Fuck these fools.

Idiots like the ones above are wastes of flesh.
And they'll never understand the importance of this quote:

Now that we've got that outta the way, let's do some

From Anakin Stahlwalker

Elderly people across the nation were in mourning today:


From Operative X

"Read this article right now and thank me later"


From Darth Tom

Darth Tom has become friends with the guy behind this video.
I think I smell a Bromance a brewing.
This video is fucking awesome:


From Bad-Mojo

One meme sums up 21st Century Gamers:


From Arizona's Mitch

Six Foot Stormtrooper Cake Reveals the Empire’s Latest Diabolical Weapon: Diabetes


From Kat Von Rad

This is my kind of bully:


From nosajmunson(me)

Not an EPIC win, but it's a start:

(We are still going black on the 18th)

I started following a new government agency on Twitter, the Department of Fear:

Here is a great article/slideshow from Cracked.com
"If Politicians Ran On Issues the Internet Cares About"

And for the record, this is how the internet & life work:

Street art of the day:

Picture Pages

MST3K Forever and Ever

Taking a little time out to page homage to our heroes:

Took time off to pursue lulz but all I found was food poisoning


I don't care if this has been a SOTD before.
I like it so suck on that!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2012

I hope that some day Gundams become a reality

This is my favorite Gundam in all of Gundam-hood:

I am 6 episodes into season 2 of Gundam 00 and I am impressed:

This is my favorite Xeon mobile suit:

Attack of the Random

Do I use my machete or the double bladed axe?


Happy Friday the 13th

When I think Friday the 13th, The Day not The Movie, I think of stuff like this:

John Dies at the End stuff

The New Official Movie website is up.
Click here to check it out:

The Facebook Page for the JDatE movie is also up.
Check it out here:

In case you haven't seen it yet, click this to watch the trailer:

This is what happens when you give The Soy Sauce to fish:


I feel so good because I feel so numb


From your friends at ihatepeacocks.com

This is how I see them & it's one of the many reasons I hate them:

"Nobody Knows" on Facebook sent this to us.
Thank you "Nobody Knows"!
And FUCK YOU peacock.

Wanna see something that made my day, week, month so far this year?

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Michael Biehn's Wife, shared our Michael Biehn page with her friends on Facebook:

We'll have plenty more Michael Biehn goodness as the year goes on, count on it!
Stay Tunned!

Five Things

#1 - I thought it went without saying, but I guess some people need a reminder:

#2 - We So Agree. Now, if it was Belladonna, I'd buy 10 of these shirts.

#3 - Shit like this is why I hate being in IT. I can fix anything, but I can't fix stubborn.

#4 - Some babies are born with more hair on their back then on their head

#5 - Here is a well known fact:

These are sensations as hard to forget as they are to ignore


Michael Biehn News

Lots of new & news worthy stuff from ihatepeacocks.com's #1 favorite actor/director/producer.

First up:
The Divide, which stars Michael Biehn and opens next week, has recieved some really great reviews.
Click the pic below to read the review from StarPulse.com:

Here is another review from DreadCentral.com:

Here is a great article & video interview from DreadCentral.com with Michael Biehn on The Divide:

Here is a great picture of Xavier Gens, Jennifer & Michael Biehn at the screening in Montreal:

Last week we reported that Anchor Bay had picked up Biehn's "The Victim" for distribution.
So when that gets released, go see it!

Another recent Michael Biehn movie worth checking out is Psych9.
While the movie is so/so, Biehn's performance is awesome as always:

Last but not least, we have updated out Michael Biehn page so check it out:

Some word of wisdom via pictures

To all the Bronco fans out there, I get it.
You are excited and good for you.
But seriously....

If you think Liam Neeson sucks as an actor, tell him to his face:

The Hoops/plugs/spacers/stretchy things in the ear lobes.
I know that is the current counter culture trend right now, but think about the future.
He is some advice:

Voting is good.
But do your research. Don't listen to the TV.
Read up on your candidate so you know who you are really voting for:

Speaking of TV...
Turn it off, now!

To all the misogynists out there, be careful.
Woman do have special powers that you don't.
Maybe that's why you hate them because you are jealous of their breasts?

The war on drugs is bullshit.
Here is what Bill Hicks has to say on drugs in America:

Now let me just leave you with this to ponder:

We celebrate the intelligence of the heart instead of
 the ego-driven cleverness of the mind.


Current Events

Finally some good news.
I may be anti-corporation, but this is something good for a change:

The Pope is at it again.
And this time, he says being gay will destroy humanity:

Speaking of religion...
Jesus is set to return on May 27th and he will end the world then..... again:

When is is this going to get released? Click the pic to read more on the Huffington Post:


From the desk of Operative X

"Wow...The rich and the rest of us‏.
Really? Keeping a Dad from the NICU to check on his premature twins?
Hey Jay-Z, I got 99 problems but being a prick ain’t one

"Serve me beer - get out of jail free!‏
Even if you did murder someone…Donate to the GOP! Ah, the South…"

"Another face in the income disparity.
The part that gets me…
“He makes $11 an hour as a line cook. At that rate, it would take four hours of work to afford one of the cowboy ribeyes he cooks.”

"And the war drum keeps beating..."

Current Events are mostly a bummer.
Let's look at some funny/nerdy/geeky/sexy/cool pictures:

We are but men, ROCK!


News to us

Click to read about this awesome GPOY of NASA test pilot Tom Ryan:

Congrats to Michael Biehn, click to read the full article:

From our friends over at Cracked.com

Click to read:

Click to read:

Some websites to check out:

Just a few more weeks....

This is a pretty rad site for old pictures that have that vintage feel:

This is a very high art Photo website from very impressive french photographer:

A great photo spread on some unsung heroes in New York,
The Mexican Immigrant Workers of the Big Apple:

This site has a very impressive list of just about every cartoon you have ever seen and then some:

Here is a site that will haunt you for days...

Pictures of things we love:

C:\> what are you waiting for...


Looking forward to melting



Laws restricting abortion is getting out of control

We agree with Jay & Silent Bob:

I'd like to thank my back for ruining my fucking day


Around the Horn

From Agent Mulder

He found this and it is nothing but PURE GEEK WINNING!
Daft Punk's "Derezzed", à la five floppy disc drives:

The 50 most brilliant, obnoxious, or delightfully sociopathic Facebook posts of 2011.
(The Abraham Lincoln quote is from ihatepeacocks.com's Facebook page!)


From Johnny Cobra

Holy Fuck is this funny. Nice find Johnny!


From Darth Tom

When Darth Vader drinks, cops get called:

Darth Tom also found this EPIC FAIL of a water bottle:


From Operative X

The Force in a Burger.
"Enjoy the comments (which I usually don’t say on anything related to a Yahoo article considering the multitudes of trolls)…"

In our backyard...

And in other news - saw this one on UTMB last night – wow, really?


From nosajmunson(me)

Some total stranger sent me this video via YouTube.
He said he liked ihatepeacocks.com and thought we would like this video
with it's very simple message and beautiful images.
I thought that was pretty cool.
Click to watch this video as it is amazing:

I've been pissed off at Obama lately (NDAA) but this is something he has done right:

Found this picture on tumblr and thought it was beautiful:

For the lulz

We do it all for the lulz damn it!

You are (NOT) alone


After sitting on it for months, I finally decided to watch Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance.
I was hesitant because I thought it was just another rehashing like Evangelion 1.11 You are (Not) alone was.
But I was wrong, so wrong.
Evangelion 2.22 is amazing.
The fan service gets old as does the Shinji & Asuka interactions but other than that, it is flawless.
Here is the best way to sum it up, with a quote from the movie itself:

"For all we know, there may be further undisclosed Apocrypha."

We have said this before and we shall say it again
Stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves.

We here at ihatepeacocks.com have a zero tolerance bullying policy.
We would fight to the death to protect kids being bullied.
And we will always take a stand against those who bully or allow bullying to go on.

Kids who bully other kids learn it from somewhere.
Bullies at school and outside of school need to be punished.
To drive the point home, we suggest punishing the parents as well.

Now, kids that pick on a special needs child are the lowest form of dirty cowardly shitbags.
Bullying anyone is vile.
Bullying a special needs child is unforgivable.
People who pick on special needs kids deserve to be grease fucked right off the planet.

To all parents, teach your children to respect others, not prey on them.
To all teachers out there, don't let it happen, in the classroom or not.
If you see it, stop it.
Read this blog post and put your self in the place of Tanner's parents.


Stole this pic and added some dialogue:

We found this picture of Michele & Marcus Bachmann and couldn't help but making a meme out of it:

(And we all thought he was gay)

Science For The Win:

We do love nerd girls that get their cosplay on:

I'd like to buy an "i" Pat:


And this:

How Patrick Bateman feels about the world:

Looks like someone has arrived to try and help this guy:

I figured out why the concept of the Aliens (xenomorphs) are so disturbing to us.
We are afraid they will steal our women:

Skinny is not cool ladies. If we can see your ribs, you need to eat a cake:

Yes, I smoke and I use a Slayer lighter


I wasn't kidding:


Romney won Iowa by 8 votes, so of course he is calling it a decisive victory.
Bachmann is out.
Newt Gingrich is eating something as you read this.
Ron Paul is digging up gold in his backyard to keep his campaign going.
Rick Perry is trying to find a dead gay fetus he can eat for Jesus.
Who is Jon Huntsman again?
And Rick Santorum wants to become president so he can make it legal to hunt black people & gays.

Click this picture to read our coverage on Tumblr:

So long Michele. We will miss you.
You were such a source of inspiration to us here at ihatepeacocks.com
I hope you continue to be bat-shit crazy in the House.

Jesus has finally started to speak to Republicans in language they can understand:

OlmTreeHomeSted made of this gem for the Rick Perry campaign.
He even got a celebrity endorsement:

Do you have a special Republican someone in your life but you don't know what to get them for election day.
Well, now you can get them the perfect gift:

Those Republicans sure love pledges don't they:

Anyway, do you think we'll get anything done in 2012?
Here is an idea:

On American Politics as a whole, let me just say this:

Let's play some around the horn

From Darth Tom:

From Operative X:

Op X published a new blog entry. One of his best yet, check it out:

"Mickey and Mallory Knox...Where's Robert Downey Jr.?‏
And do they have as a good a soundtrack? Someone – call OLIVER STONE!!!"

From OlmTreeHomeSted:

OlmTreeHomeSted got on a meme making roll earlier this week.
In addition to the Rick Perry one above, he made these:

From Johnny Cobra:

From Agent Mulder:

‘Star Wars’ villain’s lightsaber fighting stand-in dead at 89:

From nosajmunson (That's me):

Here is a goddamn fact that NO ONE can argue with:

Holy Heresy Batman or The Dark Knight Rises:

Here is your street art for the day:

Here is the first album I purchased in 2012. I usually don't go in on the underground geurilla hip-hop.
But I gotta say this is good stuff.
My favorite track has to be "Stormtroopers":

I had no idea:

But that explains this:

Anytime I am about to do something crazy & stupid, I always yell this:

More times than not, Hippies are dumb.

Life is not always fun and games.
To be serious for a moment....
Please click this pic and see my challenge to any CEO:

This cracked me up:

That's why they call him PowerMan:

What a wonderful world this would be:

This is why I love Brother West:

Those who say it can't be done should not stand
in the way of those doing it


Community Season 2 on DVD was one of the best purchases I've ever made

Here are some reasons why:

J: "Shirley, you can't sue a stripper."
S: "Why not?"

Stuff we made

Happy New Year!
2012 is the year the world will end....again.

January 1, 2011

Doomsday, End of the World, New Justin Bieber Album, Zombie apocalypse.

Sure 2012 has a lot of potential for bad things, but it also has potential to be a lot of fun.
New babies, new friends, old friends, new movies, a new fishing season and lulz.
So, here is to all of you. Happy 2012.

Obama gave us a New Year's Gift that is going keep on giving

Click to Read the Full article before you read my rant.

Obama has signed the 2012 NDAA into law.
And the "despite serious reservations" is a crock of shit.
Once the NDAA was reworded so that it no longer limited The President's powers,
he signed it into law, well, just as soon as he got back from his Christmas Vacation.

Originally, Obama said he would VETO 2012's NDAA.
So everyone thought he was cool and looking out for the Citizens.
Well, he didn't want to sign it into law because it limited his powers.
Not because it was unconstitutional or created the potential to create a Military enforced Police state.
Jon Stewart summed it up best, click here to watch his take on it.

Obama, this is not the Change we signed up for.
This does not give us any hope.
You have proved that you are no different than any other politician in Washington.
Shit like this is a great example:

A real leader does the Right Thing.
A person who looks to set the 'Right Tone" so that more people will agree with him is a run of the mill politician.
Let me give you a hint about the "Right Tone"...
Do what is right. Help the people you were elected to read.
Quit pandering to the Republicans!
They only care about themselves and their corporate sponsors.
Put the TEA PARTY in check.
Remind Congress you are the President and you run the country.
Oh wait, you'd need balls to do all of that.
And you have already proven you have none.

Occupy Wall St was just the beginning.
2012 is going to get messy.