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Around the Horn

First off, I need to send out some belated Birthday wishes.
First off, to My Love.
I'm glad you enjoyed your Birthday night out at Tony's.
Here is a little something for you:

Op X & I are sending this one out to our Dad.
Happy Birthday, someday we will all sit around and do nothing but fish:

~From Operative X~

Op X knows I am a Claw/Crane game junkie.
He sent me this article and damn does it have some good info if you are a addict like me:

~From Captain Robert at Starfleet Command~

This video is equal parts creepy and funny:

At GalaxyFest, Captain Robert got to meet Chase Masterson from Star Trek Deep Space Nine:

~From The Roman~

This is how the Dark Knight should have ended:

~From Johnny Cobra~

"Objects Come to Life With Photographer’s “Bent” Sense of Humor":

~From Darth Tom~


~From Kat Von Rad~

A classy & nerdy way for teachers to let students know they failed:

~From nosajmunson(me)~

Michael Biehn & I are now Facebook friends:

I can't remember if I have posted this before, but just in case...
Here is the evolution of one of my favorite Suicide Girls Kemper:

Props to
COED Magazine featured one of our pictures (Spider-Goat) in its list of Freaky Friday pics on Feb. 10th.
It is picture #24 in the article below:


We only care about teh lulz!
We don't give a damn about the love we've lost


Today, I am over dosing on FILTER today.




Well, it was a pretty dis-organized convention.
Events weren't labeled, the map was a joke, the schedule seemed non-existent
and no one who was "working" there seemed to have a clue as to what was supposed to happen.
All the dudes working there only seemed to care about the lingerie show and the "after parties".
Plus there was way too much steampunk for our liking.
That being said, we had fun.
We can always entertain ourselves when you add Jameson & Jack Daniels.

Many of the ihatepeacocks family came out:
Operative X, The Roman, Bad Mojo, Serby The Oracle,
Kat Von Rad, Captian Bobert from Starfleet Command,
Darth Tom, Scorch the Micahel, Judo Von Duo,
A is for Aaron, and Twin J aka The Mad London Baker.

I'll post a GalaxyFest page later, but for now, check out our slideshow of pictures:


Look what Serby the Oracle made for me:

Not only is Serby one of the best artists in town, he is also the man to see when you need your hair cut.
So if you don't already, go see Serby the Oracle next time you need your hair to look rad.
Click this pic for more info:

Let's have some Alien/Xenomorph/Predator Lulz, shall we?

We're Back
It's about time!


1st up, check out all of the ways you can keep up with us:

 -  -

We have a shit ton of updates for you, but not enough time today to get them posted.
So......check back tomorrow.
For today, check out our links above!

No matter how daunting the task list is,
you gotta have some fun with it.


GalaxyFest 2012 will be at GalaxyFest this year.
But we are going to be part of the convention as well.
We will have our own booth set-up and if all goes well, we will be running 2 "panels".
Our Panels will be us Riffing on 2 cinematic anti-gems.
(See Below)
At our booth, we'll have some Star Wars standees dressed up in Princess Gear.
And we will have a trivia contest with some rad prizes.
So if you go, swing on by.
We'll take your picture and post it on here.
It's going to be a fun weekend filled with nerd goodness.

Around the Horn

First off, we want to give a Birthday Shout Out to our man,
Johnny Cobra
who celebrated his birthday yesterday.
This one's for you:


~From The Roman~


~From OlmTreeHomeSted~

Have you seen the new 'Scumbag Meme"?
This one doesn't even require a caption:

Finger Painting is fun.
Look at my latest Project:

What, no jets?

My kind of Vader:

nosajmunson's dream come true:


~From Bad Mojo~

Bad Mojo found this bad-ass shirt, Force Equation:


~From Chazz~

Click it:


~From Kat Von Rad~

Click this pic to read about Denver's new RTD Ad initiative:

Nerd Girls are rad:


~From Darth Tom~




WTF is going on?
In one week The GOP has gone back in time to the 1950's.
Click to read more from UTMB:


~From nosajmunson(me)~

In response to the Right Wing nuts jobs we call "Republicans",
I issue the following challenge. (Click it to check out my original post on Tumblr)

Check out how Denver celebrates Valentine's Day:

To all of the family,
I love you all, click this pic for my gift to you:

The best planned plans always go to hell



Check back tomorrow, Feb 17th, for some tasty "Around the Horn" from the gang,
some updates about future projects and some big news about GalaxyFest 2012.

See you then.



Shots at Newt

Why won't he just go away already so we can focus on making fun of Mittens, Frothy and the old crazy gold burying guy.



So many things to catch up on...


Happy Valentine's Day


Click the pic below to enjoy all of Rachel Bloom's wonderful videos:

Some Valentine's Day advice from

Going out to dinner is fun, chocolates are great and flowers are nice
but this Valentine's Day give the gift of Orgasm.

And remember that kissing is good for you.
Do it as often and as long as possible:

The Walking Dead is back

And it seems like this second part of the season is going to kick some ass

This is one of our favorite moments from the first part of this season:

Around the horn

~From OlmTreeHomeSted~

A follow up article on OlmTreeHomeSted's "The oldest picture in the world is DNA" theory:

Here is OlmTreeHomeSted's take on this year's Grammy Awards:

If this makes you sad then you are a raging piece of shit that needs to be grease fucked:


~From Operative X~


Good news - gee, took long enough (US manufacturing)‏
"…Overseas logistics and shipping costs money? Wow, who knew?
Guess the good times stopped rolling – and now US companies may (*not will, not yet anyway) move manufacturing jobs back here. Hopefully – and hopefully in a significant way. Is anyone shocked by this?
Our middle class is falling down, while other countries like China, India and Brazil are watching their middle classes rise.
It’d be nice to see our people both produce (jobs!) and be able afford our products again."


~From The ChazzRazz~


~From Johnny Cobra~

New star wars figure:

Some local Colorado humor:


~From Kat Von Rad~



~From Darth Tom~


"Did you see this shit?
I say we go do donuts in the Focus on the Family parking lot while
blasting some Slayer, Megadeath and whatever else you want to throw at them.."


~From nosajmunson(me)~

Picture of me, pictures I made or pictures that made me laugh...
(you get a nice juicy treat if you clicky click some of them)

From UnderTheMountainBunker:

Katy Perry Photoshop vs actual image.
Why would you photoshop her?

Nazi Pope, Nazi Pope, Nazi Pope FUCK OFF

Why you ask? Here's why:

Nothing but win:

In case you live under a rock, Whitney Houston died on February 11th 2012.

To be honest, I could care less.
She has been the butt of the joke for years and rightfully so.
She was a full on crack-whore and it's incredible she lasted this long!
But it is amazing to me the people that have come out of the woodworks to express their sympathy.
And they all seem to be such loving and devoted fans who seem to have forgotten all of her dumbass
 "Crack is Whack" moments.
I posted some Whitney memes I made on Facebook and caught a rash of shit for it.
A lot of people said "It's too soon."
So I ask, what is the appropriate amount of time before we can make fun of her?
She created her own circumstances and her battles with drug addiction were front & center in the media.
When Jay Leno, Mad TV or David Letterman made fun of her, where were these die-hard fans?
Do I feel bad that she died, no. Am I glad she's dead, NO of course not.
But as a parent, I think Whitney Houston was a stupid ass crackhead because she chose drugs over her kid.

~So here is some Whitney Houston Lulz for you~

This is the picture I posted that started it all:


This puts things into perspective:

Click for more memes:




Opeartive X has posted yet another new Blog entry

That's three days in a row! He's on a roll folks.
So you'd better show some love and go read it by clicking the pic below:


OlmTreeHomeSted is onto something

OlmTreeHomeSted was reading about the oldest paintings ever on Gizmodo.
Now according to the article, the painting are supposed to be of "seals".
Here is a pic of the paintings. Click it to read the article:

But OlmTreeHomeSted doesn't think these are paintings of seals at all.
His idea is much more interesting.
This is what he thinks:

I agree with OlmTreeHomeSted.
What do you think?


The Catholic Church & The Pope are making me violently ill as of late.
Click this pic to read why today:

Here are the 12 most evil pictures of Pope Ben-a-dick-us the 16th:

Y U NO like Y U NO memes?

lulz, its why anybody does anything

[clicky click this to say hi]

The word "Cornballer" sounds so romantic


Equality Prevails!

Yesterday, the California Appeals Court overturned the dreaded and hateful Prop 8


OlmTreeHomeSted has written this a frothy apology letter to the United States of America on behlaf of Colorado:

OlmTreeHomeSted has also been tracking this story, which at first seemed crazy & dumb.
But it seems to be gaining more traction on the interwebs.
At first the story appeared on this crazy nutjob website, Consciousness TV aka

The article above contained some rather outlandish claims.
And it was ripe with conspiracy theory quotes like...
"The entire act was sending a subliminal message to the world, and that message is the following.
Take heart, lovers of pleasure. Our satanic messiah is about to appear with great power to
usher in world peace so that everyone (who worships Satan ) can have a good time."
Read the full article by clicking the pic above, it is a riot because they believe what they are typing.

But today, Gawker Media Run published another article about Madonna's
half time show being Satanic:

This shit is getting weird.
I personally hope that it is ALL true and that the most watched TV event in history made us all
part of a satanic ritual so now we can finally get on with the virgin sacrafices and beast fucking.
OlmTreeHomeSted will continue to track this story as it unfolds!


Here is a yet another football based trend.
Click this pic to read all about (thank Op X & the Roman for this one)


A movie we've been tracking for a while now has released its first OFFICIAL Trailer.
We can't wait to see this movie about Nazis from the Moon:


I love NPR and I listen to it almost every morning.
But sometimes they have some bizarre stories, good stories, but often obscure.
Take this one for example:


mc chris posted this article on his FB page.
And to quote him directly:
"skyrim is happening"


In music related news, 2 new albums are coming out that should be worth a listen.
First up, Soulfly's ENSLAVE:

Ministry's (milking-it) RELAPSE is set to drop on March 23rd.
I have ranted a lot about Ministry over the past few months.
I'm not going to do so again here.
Let me just say, that I will of course listen to the new album:



I feel like listening to machines make music today



Around the Horn

~From nosajmunson(me)~

For that special someone in your life on Valentine's Day:

An amazing & sad photo set made up of trash from the ocean
Slurp the Soup of the Sea:

Thomas Shahan really likes tkaing pictures of creatures with more than 4 legs:


~From The Roman~

Deep in the heart of Christian Conservative Colorado Springs,
one billboard brings us some much needed lulz:

The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Annual is now online.
Click below to check it out and download it:


~From Operative X~

Not one but two new blog enteries.
The first:

The second
"My thoughts on this year’s Super Bowl commercials…"

"Amazing how dumb these guys are...‏"


~From Bad Mojo~

I have talked a bunch of shit over the years about George Lucas.
About how he is milking Star Wars and about how he is a bastard for redoing them again & again.
I still feel these things, but Bad Mojo puts it back in perspective with the

Thanks to Bad Mojo for making us remember what is most important about Star Wars:
It is Star Wars.
All the other stuff doesn't matter.
I am going to see Episode I in the theater and I am going to enjoy it.


~From RyCon~

Yoda was over 900 years old when he died.
He trained Jedi for 800 of those years.
But before he started training Jedi, he struggled as a painter:


~From Johnny Cobra~

Even Vader has to Walk The Dog sometimes

(clicky click)


~From Kat Von Rad~


~From Darth Tom~

You a Pac-Man bitch on the old Atari
We's a grand theft auto-ing a hot Ferrari



Speaking of....

We had a great time at OlmTreeHomeSted's 'FryFest 2012'.
It was awesome to hang out with him, the lovely Nat-a-tat-tat and #1 Nerd Girl Kat Von Rad.
Made some new friends, spent time with old friends, ate lots of good food, all the kiddos got to play together,
and OlmTreeHomeSted showed everyone exactly how high Mentos & Diet Coke can shoot into the air.
A great night with good friends!

The quote of the night goes to Nat-a-tat-tat:
"My boobs are covered in powdered sugar, it's gonna be ones of those nights"

The Super Bowl is over, let's get back to work:

OK, I talked mad shit yesterday online about Madonna doing the Super Bowl Half Time show.
I said she was too old, looks like a man, no one wants to see her have a wardrobe malfunction, etc.
Well, after having watched it, I admit this,
I am not a fan or friend of Madonna, but I am a fan of good showmanship.
She put on a hell of a performance, especially considering she was working injured.
I dig how she shared the spotlight with LMFAO & Cee-Lo.
For a 52 year old Pop Star, I think her half time show was better than any I can remember in the past ten years.
So there, I was wrong and I am standing up for Madonna.
If you got a problem with that, choke on my balls.

Now on the flipside, here is what our old friend 'Ask A Ninja' had to say about her performance:

Sad news in the world of Horror Movies

R.I.P. BIll Hinzman aka The First Zombie
May you rise from the grave and kick start the zombie apocalypse for reals:


Here is a bunch of shit I've been meaning to post....

New Picture from Prometheus.....

This is a must have game for me:

Holy shit, this Tron Legacy Castor Figure sold for $935.00.

This is the hottest Betty Page picture I have seen in a while:


I so agree with this:

I made this:

Clicky Click this:

Star Wars is back in the Theaters this Friday

I am really looking forward to seeing Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace in 3D.
It will be awesome to watch the most EPIC lightsaber battles in all of Star Wars
in 3D. Not to mention it gives my kiddos a chance to see it on the big screen for the first time.
I know we are all mad at George Lucas because it feels like he is milking it.
But you know what?
Bottom Line is, we get to watch Star Wars again in the theaters.
So suck on that haters.

The Human Soul is Always Free

02/03/2012 fully supports breasts
and we are comitted to helping find a cure for Breast Cancer

That's why the Susan G. Komen foundation shocked us when they pulled their support for Planned Parenthood,
another organization we fully support.
Regardless of what they say, it was quite obviously a political decision.
As of today, they issued an apology for pissing everyone off.
But to be clear, Komen's apology is not a promise to renew Planned Parenthood grants.
Read the fully apology here:

So we say this to the Susan G. Komen foundation:

Dudes, don't forget you can do your part to help fight breast cancer:

The Best of "PICTURES FROM SPACE" for 2011

Click here to view the Slideshow on MSNBC:

Here is your WHAT.THE.FUCK. picture of the day:


Check out this article from about freaky farm animals:

This picture simultaneously turns me on
and frightens because it reminds me of the girl/demon from Ju-On (The Grudge)

Here is a classic from our youth, click click it:


From Operative X:
Natalie Portman is ready for a Ghostbusters remake‏


I'm from Ohio. Trust me when I say, Space is not far enough sometimes:

Agent Mulder once said this to me, so I thought I'd make a meme out of it.

Sleep well knowing Anonymous will protect the internet

These two are quite possibly the sexiest "girls dressed as MST3K robtos" I have ever seen.
They make me wish polygamy was legal.

So, I posted about this on Facebook, click the pic to read the sotry itself:

But, Darth Tom let the cat out of the bag. You see, these blue spheres are left over from our
flavorless jello shots.
Here, just read Darth Tom's account of what happened:

" Here's the real story..
There from the private party we had aboard the Lear Jet last weekend.
We were on Peacock safari in Bournemouth U.K.
(Yes Jason was there) They found ihatepeacocks on the net.
After some haggling they finally agree...d to our terms to come over and kill the Vile creatures.
Most of the town folk are missing their aiming eye.. Yes from the Peacocks.. Sneaky little bastards.
We outsmarted them with our Darth Vader masks.
One of the payments was 300 Jello shots, Yellow blue and red jello. No flavors just colors.
Something to resemble the filthy beast.
We had heard Peacock lovers lived in Dorset
so we unloaded the planes commode tank as we flew over....
Watching Jason strangle one while smoking a cig
and listening to Slayer still brings a happy tear to my eye.
Mystery solved..."

True Story From Darth Tom

No time for a real update today, enjoy some music instead


Sad new to start the new month


The Man Behind Soul Train has died.

Click this pic to read about it:
This man loved music more than most people will ever realize.
OlmTreeHomeSted and I were talking about it. We figured he had heard
a dubstep remix of a soul song & decided he no longer wanted to be in this world.
Listen to this and ask yourself if you can blame him:

Now, on the lighter side


Fan of on Facebook, Allison H., took this picture today.
(Thanks Allison for sharing it)

A bear eating a peacock at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Turns out, peacocks get eaten at this zoo a lot because they roam into the bear area often.
Click the pic to see an incident from 2010.
GTS (google that shit) Bear Eats Peacock Philadelphia Zoo and you'll find a bunch of incidents.
Regardless, I am sending this bear a jar of honey!


This piece of shit is one vile excuse for a human being.
But I take solace in the fact that he will more than likely go to prison.
And once there, justice will be served:


Newt Gingrich is sucking wind after his loss in The Florida GOP Primary.
Now if only we could get rid of Mittens and the rest of them....

Speaking of Politics,
The Republicans in Congress have adopted a new policy when it cocmes to the press.
If they ask hard question, have them arrested.
Click to read:


Here is a Blog worth checking out: