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Perhaps we had better start from the beginning

August 31, 2010

Song of the Day:
White Zombie - Electric Head Part 1

(Thanks to JessJess for the inadvertent idea)

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"Victim in fatal car accident is Tragically not Glenn Beck"

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Well, here's to hoping he dies
in a horribly slow bone saw accident

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I usually don't go in on remakes of older horror movies.
But I made an exception with "The Crazies".
And you know, it wasn't that bad.
Lots of intense action, blood, kind of light on the gore.
It had a great creepy soundtrack!
Timothy Olyphant was awesome as always.
There were some cheesy "Saves" and some really bad continuity editing.
But all and all, well worth the price of a rental.
7 out of 10
Check out the trailer below.

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Hey, my Yoda picture was KRCC's photo of the day yesterday!

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I hope she gets the full 4 years in prison.
That should be long enough for the world to forget about her.

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Funny & Bad Products

"I have nothing prophetic to say" says she

August 30, 2010

Song of the Day:
Underworld - Confusion the Waitress

Today's tag line is actually a quote from my wife when I asked her
for a tagline. Her answer reminded me of the song above, so there you go.

Oh, speaking of Underworld, I updated the Underworld page.

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Time to get all Editorial on your asses!

A New Poll shows that One Fifth of America is stupid.

This Poll says that 1/5 of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.
A) this is not true. B) even if it was, so what?
Have we really de-evolved so much as Americans?
Being a Muslim is not a crime.
Not all Muslims are terrorists just like not all Christians kill abortion doctors.
The President's religion should not matter. What matters is what they do while in office.
This is the 21st Century. But sad to say, racial & religious bigotry is alive and well thanks in large part
to folks in the Right Wing that call themselves "Tea Baggers" and "Social Conservatives".
To gain support, they simply stoke the flames of hate.
Some of the worst parties/leaders in history have done the same thing.
It is our Job, as free thinking Americans to fight for what is right.
And that is:
Truth and Equality for ALL men, women and children!


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Well, after last night's episode,
there is only the Season Finale of True Blood left on September 12th.

Last night's "Fresh Blood" was kind of a stretch.
Is every one in that town a "Super-Natural"?
And Were-Panthers? Really?

But it is nice to see Jessica and Hoyt together again.
They are so cute and probably the most "normal" couple on the show.

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I know I said I wouldn't post anything about Star Wars for a while, but...
Chuck sent this to me a while ago and I forgot to post it.
Plus it is just damn funny.

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- Tribal Technology -

When the indigenous populations of the Third World rise up to over throw the 21st century
Imperialism that oppresses them, the music of Max Cavalera will be the soundtrack of their revolution.

To prepare yourself for taking to the streets to fight for what is right, listen to the following...

And in the "2 great tastes that go great together" category...

" I do hate a lot of 'religion' but people like Christ - yeah they inspire me.
I mean if you look at Christ, He was hanging around with the lowlifes, prostitutes and the losers, not going around with those high society motherfuckers you see trying to sell Jesus today. "

We need to rise up because The Man is keeping us down

August 29, 2010

Songs of the Day:
Public Enemy - Fight the Power

And once you start to "Fight the Power", you can Bring The Noise!

Public Enemy & Anthrax - Bring the Noise

And don't forget, long before Arizona was pissing us off with their bullshit immigration laws,
they were pissing us off with their refusal to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Public Enemy - Arizona (Metal Mix)

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I was really moved by this.
This is a beautiful and amazing story.
No bullshit, no sarcasm.
Just read it.

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OK, now back to our usual bullshit and sarcasm...

The TARDIS landed at M.I.T.

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Pictures I took today having to do with the beautiful blue sky:

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Slipknot has a new live DVD coming out.
Slipknot is one of the best live bands I have ever seen.
If this DVD captures 1/10th of their raw power live, it will blow your teeth out.

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Let's talk about Tattoos.

Some are cool and witty:

Some are funny but ultimately stupid:

Some are creepy & really fucking ugly:

Lots are just plain dumb:

And some let everyone know that you are a whore:

I love it when a good cause comes together

August 28, 2010

Song of the Day:
Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line

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Today, we are going to the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association Buddy Walk.
 -  -

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Don't judge a book by its cover.
And don't believe movie trailers.
They lie.
Case in pont, "The Last Exorcism".
It is not a supernatural gorefest as you have been led to believe.
Check this review out to see the truth about this movie

Here's another movie that turned out to be much different.
I thought it would be a cute little kid movie until I saw it.
I was 6 years old and it scared the crap out of me.

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Here's an old, old picture from The Frontier Days of Colorado.
Personally, I think this picture is creepy.
I imagine that the woman near the center woke up one night
and killed everyone in the house.
Because if a house could be haunted, this one had to be.

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Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

If I stop working for just an hour or two I'll melt

August 27, 2010

Song of the Day:
Ministry - Breathe

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"News I knew would be new to you"

Nice Movie Marquee

P.S. - This picture was taken in my home Town


On one hand, one out of five Americans believe in alien abductions.
On the other, aliens who plan on enslaving the human race
have four out of five Americans exactly where they want them.


Come on JR!
The Season hasn't even started yet man.
We need you on the court, not in front of it!
Man, this season's gonna be rough for The Nuggets

Guess it doesn't matter though,
rumor has it the Nuggets are going to Trade JR anyway.


"Heidi Montag Wants Huge Breast Implants OUT"
Yeah, I guess a G Cup is too big, so she want to go down to a Double D.
Thanks to all of her surgeries, we can finally see what she really looks like on the inside,


Brick Stone Takes on those Evil Bastards from the Westboro Baptist Church.
Click here to read the article and watch the video below.


Stormtroopers from the 501st Recreate Beatles Cover and Other 'Abbey Road' Fails:


More Hotties from Star Wars Celebration V

I think I am getting burned out on Star Wars, so this will
be my last Star Wars post for a bit.
Unless of course there is something Bad Ass to post.


Only 1 week left until
chops his way into theaters!

I think he is spicy, I think he smoked his lungs

August 26, 2010

Song of the Day:
Underworld - Luetin

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I have a question.
If The Devil is in the details then are detailed orientated people Devil Worshipers?
If that is true then when people say "Pay Attention" to the details, they are really saying
"Look for the Devil".

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For all you Maiden Fans out there, click the pic to order the Special Edition version
of The Final Frontier from iTunes

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Nice Shirt

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I work in IT.
And this is what I have had to deal with for the past 4 days.

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Be sure to check in with Anakin Stahlwalker
so you can check the progress on his search for those darn droids.

I don't sing Al Green songs to just any woman

August 25, 2010

Song of the Day:
Al Green - Let's Stay Together

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Have you seen the new Subway Ad with Gary Ullman as the Spokesperson?
Wow, he is way better than that Jared guy.

Clicky Click for an iPod treat

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From Agent X:

Texas hates "long hairs" because
Texas still thinks it's 1965.

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Yoda's hanging out at my house, just chillin'.


Should I post anymore Star Wars goodies?
I don't want the Empire coming down on me......


If you say you're a Jedi or if you can levitate objects with The Force,
George Lucas is gonna sue your ass.
He'll also sue you if you say "Luke Skywalker" 5 times in a row without sending him a check.
Don't believe, go into your bathroom, look into the mirror and say it x5.
If you don't send a check before you do it, Lucasfilm Lawyers will appear to destroy you.
Click the pics to read the articles before he sues me for posting them.

The Internet makes us click the mouse like Pavlovian Bitches

August 24, 2010

Three weeks from today, the new Underworld Album "Barking" drops in the US.
So, to get you in the mood, Song of the Day is a classic Underworld Song & Video.

Song of the Day:
Underworld - King of Snake (Barking Mix)

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It's family picture time.
Here are new pics of me and the kids.

Little chips off the old block.

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I don't know what's worse?
The Booty Pop or The Snuggie?
Did you know the Snuggie now comes in Leopard Print & Camo?

Seriously, WTF?

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

I did a Google Search for "fucked up toys".
Here's a sampling of what I found:

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Random Star Wars Pic of the Day:
MC Chris as Boba Fett at the Playboy Mansion

Where have all the nerd kids gone?

August 23, 2010

Song of the Day:
mc chris - Dengar's Dumptruck

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Last night's True Blood was OK.
With only 3 Episodes left, I was hoping for more action.

All in all it was not a bad episode but it is hard to top last week's episode.
Which, let's face it, is one of the best True Blood Episodes EVER.

On a side note, Bill & Sookie got Married.
Personally, I think you should never fish off the company pier.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Ten Freaky Songs About Star Wars.
My personal Favorite on this list, besides Weird Al & mc chris,
is Hot Waffles' "George Lucas Raped Our Childhood"

Time to O.D. on Cracked.com articles:

The 5 Strangest Post-'Star Wars' Careers

The 6 Most Gigantic Everything in the History of War

Most WTF Origins of Iconic Pop Culture Franchises

Impractical Aspects of Superhero Costumes

Famous Geniuses You Didn't Know Were Perverts

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Random Star Wars Pic of the Day

Credenza may be the gayest word in the English language

August 22, 2010

Song of the Day:
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)

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Pasta in the Park was fun.
I had my doubts, but it turned out to be a great time.
And it is all for a great cause:

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Will we find them before they find us?

5 UFO Sightings That Even Non-Crazy People Find Creepy

And speaking of Outer Space stuff.....
Rest in Peace Jack Horkheimer: Ambassador to the Stars
1938 - 2010

Check out the Official Star Gazer Homepage by clicking the pick below.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Found this sweet ass site all about Vintage Star Wars Figures.
Check it out!

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Random Star Wars Pic of the Day:
Hottie Boba Fett

Random Street Art Photo of the Day:
Cow Crossing

FACT: Underwater cave divers suck at Jenga 

August 21, 2010

Songs of the Day:
Hover the mouse for artist and track names



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I watched an great indy short film last night on IFC.
It was called "Advantage SATAN".
Watch it below before it gets pulled off of YouTube.

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Here is a video for a song I made called Blue Fluid.
This is the short edit version.

When this reaches 1000 hits, I will post my Blue Fluid EP here on
ihatepeacocks.com to downlaod for free.
Help me rack up the hits!


everything is blue in this world

August 20, 2010

Song of the Day:
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral (The Bottom)

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New news I knew would be new to you:

Rachel Bloom's "Fuck me, Ray Bradbury" is now on iTunes.
Go buy it, cuz it's only $0.99 you cheap bastards!

Creepy Celebrity Wax figures

Ron Burgundy Is Darth Vader In The Sci-Fi Comedy That Should Have Been

Florida Businessmen Charged With Bilking Medicare For Penis Pumps

My good buddy Michael Bay is remaking a bunch of classic movies as only he can

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

How some movies get made is beyond me

August 19, 2010

Song of the Day:
Die Krupps - Bloodsuckers

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From Agent X:
Say goodbye to the last vestiges of privacy...‏

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-


From thisisphotobomb.com

From pictureisunrelated.com

From failblog.org

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

I don't know what is worse?
The Fact that Hollywood continues to put out major budget shit movies
The Fact that people still pay to go see shit movies.
Case in point, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

I refused to see it in Theaters. Now it is on HBO every other hour.
So, I finally caved & watched it from the comfort of my couch.
What a piece of crap movie.
No plot other than blowing shit up and what I think are robots
making a lot of noise as they "Transform".
Any episode of the Original Cartoon Series has more depth than this crapfest.
What scares me the most, this explosion orgy is the 10th highest grossing movie of all time.

I know I have posted this before but...
Here is an ihatepeacocks.com Exclusive Sneak Peek
at what Michael Bay has in store for Transformers 3.

Hey Micahel Bay, try using something called "a plot" in your movies.
And no, "a plot" is not explosions and tits.

Megan Fox, hot? Yes. Can she act? Fuck no.

By the way, this is what real Transformers look like, you dickhead.

I've got to get away

August 18, 2010

Song of the Day:
FEAR FACTORY - MARTYR (2010 Version)

(This version will blow the teeth out the back of your head and put hair on your chest)

And for the FEARFUL:

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Do you like Ray Bradbury?
Well, Rachel Bloom sure does.
Click the pic to see just how much she loves Ray.
Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

(Seriously, one of the funniest & dirtiest songs I've ever heard heard about a Sci-Fi Author)

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

It's too bad Emma Watson didn't get "The" part in the US version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
(Which by the way, is going to be directed by David "Fight Club" Fincher)
But the upside is she does look cute with short hair.

In the meantime...
Check out Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in part 2 of Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy
The Girl Who Played with Fire

If you live in Colorado Springs, go see it here:

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Doctor Who Legos you say.
I say hells yes.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-



Whatever happened to our vicious anti-establishment angst?

August 17, 2010

Song of the Day:
Ministry - NWO (Live from the 1996 Sphinctour)

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Sure, they have lots of versatile solutions for every day living, but....
IKEA is evil.

FACT: When Omega Supreme picked up Megatron & slammed him into the moon, he actually slammed him into an IKEA.
FACT:  The Borg actually drove around in a giant gray IKEA.
Fun Fact: No one has ever seen an entire side of IKEA in one glance.

Remember, the shit we own ends up owning us.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

If you don't like IKEA, you can always shop at Wal-Mart with these folks.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Sometimes it seems to me that people want to die eating.
That's why they create shit like this.
So while eating it, their heart explodes like a chestburster in Aliens.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water....

For more, go to beachcreeps.com, but maybe not while you're at work.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

And Finally...
Here is how Mr. Cleveland from Philly spent his weekend:

Time to start climbing down from Mt. Star Wars

August 16, 2010

Video of the Day:
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi New DELETED scene
that was shown/premiered during the "Main Event" at Star Wars Celebration V.
It shows Vader calling to Luke from afar and Luke finishing his Lightsaber.
Holy Cool Batman!

Star Wars Celebration V goodies

Tons of great stuff came out of SWCV this year.
Here are some highlights and links for you to enjoy.

Can't have a Star Wars Convention without a Slave Leia.
Click the Pic for more pictures from the Official SWCV Page on Flickr:

And here's a whole bunch of Slave Leias


I am not a big fan of the CG Star Wars: The Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network.
But, after seeing this trailer for Season 3, I might start to watch it a bit more.


The 501st simply rock.
Thanks to them, many of us who could not attened could get up to the minute updates from
them thanks to their Facebook & Twitter posts.
So, here's to you the Loyal Memebers of the 501st.
You all kick ass!

And here's a little shout out for the 501st of the Mountain Garrison who attended.
You guys are the hometown favorites!


Here is a list from IO9 of the Top Ten Cool Things from SWCV


At Celebration V, The Sith were Busting out all over the place


I love famlies who dress up together.
I don't know who these folks are, but I love their costumes.


-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

And in other non-Star Wars news.....

True Blood just keeps getting better.
Last night's episode ended with a WTF? shocker.
Only 3 episodes left this season.
And based on the trailer, they look good.

Underworld is going to be playing in LA on Halloween.
It will be a Hard Fest gig, but still, Underworld in the States.

Check here for more Underworld Events.

I had my ass handed to me by lightsaber wielding kids

August 15, 2010

Video of the Day:
Kids Lightsaber Battle

As part of the birthday bash yesterday, all of my daughter's friends and I
had an epic lightsaber battle in our park.
I was Darth Daddio wielding my trusty Red Sith Lightsaber.
I had 2 "apprentices" and we fought against my daughter and her 8 "Jedi Knight" friends.
Within 20 minutes I was Darth Welted.
The kids had ton of fun and I milked a bottle of Alieve afterwards.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Star Wars Celebration V ends today.
I will have more on it tomorrow.
But for now, here are some cool pictures I got from the 501st at the Convention.

Happy Birthday to my wonderfully cool Daughter

August 14, 2010

Song of the Day:
Daft Punk - Face to Face

Here's to you my little Ninja Jedi Wednesday Addams Super Girl.
I love you.

Happy Friday the 13th.
Time to put on my hockey mask and get to work

August 13, 2010

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Went fishing last night with Director OlmTreeHomeSted.
I caught a stocker trout, but The Director's 1st born caught his first fish!

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Here's some irony from Agent X

A good Comic Book is worth more than its weight in gold

August 12, 2010

Song of the Day:
Revolting Cocks - Do ya think I'm sexy?

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

The newest wave of Marvel Universe toys has some bad ass new figures.
Mainly Archangel and Havok.
Archangel is one of my all time favorite comic book characters.
Agent X is a big fan of Havok when he was with the X-Men.
The new Marvel Universe figures of each are awesome.
But Havok in his classic X-Men outfit is a hard to find variant.
Archangel comes in his classic blue suit
and a variant figure has him as Death from X-Factor 24 & 25.

Regular Archangel

Death Variant

Havok Variant

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

I love a good comic book.
All of my favorites are kind of old school.
After The Age of apocalypse, I had a falling out with Marvel.
Sure, there have been of ton of good books since then,
but I will never forgive them for what they did to the X-Men.

Here are a few of my Favorite Comic Issues of All Time:




-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Two separate list of the worst comic movies of all time:

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Who'd win in a battle between some Star Trek Starships and The Death Star?

Happy Birthday to the Emperor

August 11, 2010

Song of the Day:
Alice in Chains - Rooster

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Happy Birthday to Emperor Palpatine

Actor Ian McDiarmid turns 66 today.
How appropriate since he gave Order 66.
So here's to you Darth Sidious,
The Ultimate Jedi Weed-Whacker!

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Another Birthday shout out goes to our very own Agent Mulder,
who is celebrating in Disney World.
He sent this via Facebook:

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

New shirt from Threadless.com


-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Doctor Who gets Simpsonized:

(click the pic for some a wallpaper version)

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Random street art of the day

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful love

August 10, 2010

Concert of the Day:
Underworld - Live in Ibiza from August 8th, 2010

It has become tradition, at least the past 3 years, that my wife and I
celebrate our Anniversary with Underworld.
Last year was meeting & seeing them in Vegas with Agent X and Stephanya,
2008 it was hanging out with them in New York
and 2007 it was seeing them live in Denver.
This year, we didn't get to see them.
But, to make up for that, at least we can listen to this gig over and over.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Random street art of the day:

A wave of Vandalism is keeping me up at night

August 9, 2010

Song of the Day:
The Skatenigs - Chemical Imbalance

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

First it was Gonzo Fireworks.
Then it was spray-painting 14 year old genital humor on the sides of houses.
Last night it escalated to arson.
This has got to stop.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Agent X found this article on the rich:

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Some more sick and twisted goodies from John Dies at the End Author "David Wong"

What kind of baby toy is this?

These guys look like they are having fun:

Grandpa, what did you do doing the war?

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Here are some FAILS for you.
(from FAILblog.org)

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Clowns make everything more fun?

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

By the Way, Happy Belated Birthday to Fox Mulder aka David Duchovny
who turned 50 last Saturday.
The X-Files is still one of my favorite TV show of all Time!
The First 6 seasons were the best!


Shark Week never talks about Goblin Sharks

August 8, 2010

Song of the Day is going 80's:
Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Coming Home)

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

The Goblin Shark is just plain creepy.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

If you get a chance, see P R I M E R .
It is a really good "thinking man's" movie about time travel.

Aaron & Abe are onto something:

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

I have scary teeth:

Dust, Sweat and Beers stain my shirt

August 7, 2010

Song of the Day is going 80's:
Kenny Loggins - I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man)

Let's talk about Kenny Loggins for a minute.
Sure, his music was kind of cheesy.
But let's face it, he was the master of 80's soundtrack anthems.
Footloose, Caddyshack 1 & 2, Top Gun.
Everybody secretly loves at least one Kenny Loggins' song.
Even if they won't admit aloud.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

Today was my "Honey Do" day.
While the fam was out, I did not play.
I cleaned, moved and put things away.
Now I am tired with nothing else to say.

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

College Roomies:

-||||||||||- -||||||||||- -||||||||||-

I was finally able to order this shirt from Threadless.com

It was the day that never ended

August 6, 2010

Song of the Day is going 80's:
Wang Chung - To Live and Die in LA

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Anakin Stahlwalker and I battled with an email server till 2 in the morning.
We emerged victorious, but the battle took its toll on us.

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Music is an important part of my everyday life.

The Hunt is on.....

August 5, 2010

Song of the Day is going 80's:
Talk Talk - It's My Life

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The new line of Star Wars toys has been released.
And with it, a whole bunch of goodies.
Chuck and I went out on a Toy Hunt and I got my "Bespin Luke" & some other new schwag.
Including the 1st book in the newest series in Star Wars Expanded Universe: The Old Republic.
It is based on the new Game from Lucas Arts.

Here's another Star Wars book, that I just finished reading:

The kids and I have been collecting The Star Wars Magnet Heads too.
They are pretty sweet.
This is our collection so far:

Daily updates are hard to do

August 4, 2010

Song of the Day is going 80's:
Murray Head - One Night in Bangkok

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Art with a message

George Lucas is growing holistic Stormtroopers in his garden

August 3, 2010

Song of the Day:
Susumu YoKota - Getaway

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It's CON season.
There are tons of good Conventions out there.
And there are lots of rad fans that get decked out in great costumes
to attend the Conventions.

These are not those fans:

These guys are the worst looking super hero team ever.
Moon Knight? Seriously?

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All electronic roads eventually lead to house

August 2, 2010

Songs of the Day:
Basement Jaxx Featuring Lisa Kekaula - Good Luck

Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At?

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Damn it! I'm still working on the revamped TRON page.
It is taking a long time.
Making the thumbnails is the worst part!
So, in the meantime, here is a treat.
[ I can't confirm it for sure, but if it's not, it's a damn good rip off ]
Click the pic for a little ditty from the upcoming soundtrack by Daft Punk?

Awww, what the hell.
Here are two more little treats for you.
iPad size wallpaper for 2 of the ladies from TRON: Legacy
Clicky Click each to download.

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Speaking of cool & pretty girls,
Sasha Grey is making another movie that isn't rated XXX!
That makes 2 for her now.

In Au-gust, the wind should blow gusts made of gold

August 1, 2010

Song of the Day:
Placebo - Space Monkey

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Be sure to check out the July Home Page Archive
for all of the updates from last month.

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Updates from Outer Space...

The Dust Devils of Mars!

Planetary Pals

If we survive 2012, we're gonna die in 2182.

What has Jupiter done for you lately?

Hubble's Greatest Hits
This is a tad bit old, but here you go: